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Nowadays yardworks market is filled with huge companies. It’s quite hard to compete with them if you’re an individual gardener or a small business owner. But with the Fee4Bee platform, you can find a customer no matter if you’re a private gardener or a company. At the same time if you’re an owner of a huge garden, like in any other creative job, if you want to make your garden special and living you need to look for private gardeners. Yardworks in Canada is most often standardized. So you need to spend a lot of time to find a guy who makes yardworks in a creative way and has enough experience and equipment to help you with your garden. 

Basic gardener tools

To make simple yard work tasks you need to have a shortlist of basic tools:

  • Garden rake - an effective tool for harvesting autumn leaves. It can also be used for weeding if you decide to start a small garden in your area.
  • Garden shovel - the most basic tool in the hands of any gardener. Using a garden shovel, you can transplant plants, dig trees, or arrange a small flower bed.
  • Garden broom - an ordinary broom made of tougher materials for cleaning the yard
  • Garden gloves - allow you to protect yourself not only from dirt and dust but also from minor damage or thorns of plants
  • Garden ladder - is an indispensable tool, given the need to cut trees at different heights
  • Gardening scissors (pruning shears) - another indispensable tool in cutting trees and bushes. Significantly coarser than standard scissors.
  • Hedge clippers - the main tool for cutting bushes and hedges. Allows you to give the plant the desired shape quickly and conveniently

If you’re a gardener you need to have all these simple tools to provide yard work. But if you are a tenant, you need to make sure that this minimum set of tools is yours or your contractor's. Of course, it is just a minimum list of primitive tools and you might need more complicated tools for specific jobs in your garden. 

Advanced gardener tools

To make yard work of any complexity your gardener must have advanced tools such as:

  • yardworks electric lawn mower - the most convenient lawnmower. Allows you to mow grass in your area quickly and easily.
  • yardworks leaf blower - a device designed to speed up the process of cleaning the yard. Blows out a strong stream of air that scatters leaves and the remains of grass, allowing you to clean the necessary areas
  • yardworks grass trimmer - An alternative to a lawnmower, a more mobile device that allows you to mow grass in hard to reach areas.
  • yardworks snowblower - devices for quick snow removal, suitable for both private and commercial use
  • yardworks log splitter - a device used for chopping logs, usually used in parks and gardens
  • yardworks lawn tractor - a type of lawnmower designed for cleaning large areas
  • etc.

We must notice that many private gardeners or small companies do not have a full list of these tools. That’s why we offer you to use rental services where you can find any tools you need, from cheap models to well known trusted brands. 

In conclusion, we want to say that your garden can be either an object of pride or an eternal problem, and this directly depends on the gardener who will look after him. Based on the ratings and reviews of Fee4Bee, you can find a really perfect gardener to do your yard work.


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