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A mattress pick-up & removal service is not exactly a common service for consumers in Ottawa. Most people will go to the local mattress stores in Ottawa and rent a bed, or buy a bed when they need one in Ottawa. There are not a lot of mattress stores around Ottawa that offer this kind of service. So, how much mattress pick-up & removal in Ottawa cost?

A mattress store can rent out a mattress, or even sell it to you. But because of the cost of operating the mattress stores, they usually won't offer to pick up your mattress for you. Instead, they will charge you a one time fee that allows them to pick up the mattress for you. Then they will send the mattress back to the store.

If you have the option of renting from a mattress store, then take it. The only problem with renting from mattress stores is that the mattresses they rent have already been put on display, so all that remains is the mattress. Even though the mattresses look fine, it's still possible that there are problems with them. If there are any defects in the mattress (including holes, stains, or any other irregularities), then the store won't allow you to return the mattress. Renting a mattress from a mattress store also costs a lot more.

If you still aren't convinced that you should go with the mattress stores, then why not consider removal services? Removal companies remove your mattresses and ship them off to the manufacturers. Some of the companies do this for free. Why pay someone to transport your mattress when you can do it yourself? Plus, the removal companies are very good at what they do and will get your mattress to you in perfect condition.

If neither of these options appeal to you, then you can always rent a mattress from the Ottawa area. There are mattress rental stores in the city, and some of them specialize in mattress pick-up. Just ask around to see if any of your friends or family members to use any of these stores. They might have a recommendation for you. Or, try one of the websites that list mattress rentals in the city. It's usually easy to email the company with your requirements, and they'll get the mattress to you in no time.

Of course, sometimes mattresses just need to be taken out of the building. If this happens to you, contact the owners of the buildings in which you're renting your mattress. They usually have a procedure for removing mattresses, including a checklist. Make sure to follow their instructions exactly. Also, don't try to take the mattress into your car - they don't take mattresses in their cars. And, once your mattress is out of the building, make sure you call the company right away so they can have it picked up and delivered to you.

Of course, mattresses aren't the only things that Ottawa companies remove. Some people wonder about their furniture getting recycled, or going to landfills. Some companies do make these arrangements, but others do not. So, before you contact them, find out how the process works.

Contacting mattress pick-up and removal companies in Ottawa is easier than you think. Just remember to ask all your questions before you give them any. And, always be given the mattress specifics (brand, model, size, material) so you know what you're getting. Take your time and be sure to compare several companies before choosing one.

Once you've narrowed down the mattress choices to a handful of businesses, the next step will be assessing the condition of the mattresses. Look for visible signs of damage, such as tears, stains or rips. Injuries may also be present, especially if mattresses were moved around during shipping. For this reason, look at the mattress frame under the mattress. If there are any tears, holes or cracks, these should be resolved prior to shipment. If not, they should be repaired upon arrival.

There are a couple of things that you can do on your own to protect your mattress during shipping and pickup and removal in Ottawa. Purchase a mattress protector to slip over the mattress when unpacking it in the care facility, and use a mattress cover to protect it during storage. This can be bought at any mattress outlet store, as well as at several large mattress retailers. Don't forget your warranty card! You never know when the company might want to check out the condition of your mattress.

If you don't have a mattress pick-up and removal service in your area, find one that does. They can help remove your mattress from your home and deliver it to you free of charge. The removal company will usually charge a fee for their assistance, so make sure you know what you'll need to pay before you contact them. That way, you won't be surprised by any fees when the mattress is due to be removed.

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