About Us

We are a team of motivated professionals. We have gathered to create a product that will help people to find contractors and customers for a wide variety of services and do it safely and within 5 minutes. We believe that everyday tasks must have simple solutions. 

Our Team:

Andrey Grabovetskiy

Chief Executive Officer


Alex Hanhaliuk

Chief Technology Officer


Anton Melnikov

Chief Marketing Officer


Valentina Melnikova

Product Owner


Maina Schwarz

SEO Specialist



Most of us come from the CIS, that's why we, like no one else, know how difficult it is to find a job or the necessary performer in a country that is new to you, where there are really no friends or acquaintances. That is why we decided that this product will make life easier not only for visitors but also for people who are looking for a part-time job or a proven master to complete their daily tasks. It has never been so easy before, and most importantly, there are no monthly fees or hidden commissions in the service. Payment is made only for the completed order, therefore we earn only together with you and nothing else. 

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