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If you live in Ottawa, you are probably aware of the huge need for winter pool maintenance and repairs in the months before winter. There is nothing worse than getting in a heated pool only to discover that it is too cold and you can't safely enjoy it. Fortunately, Ottawa has a lot of lovely swimming pools, lakes, and spas where you and your family can enjoy the benefits of having a pool during the winter months. If you have an in-ground pool, you should be aware that winter is typically the best time to repair or even replace your pool equipment. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

You may find that the equipment in your pool seems to last all winter long, even though the pool water may be slightly chilly. This is most likely because the pool insulation layer has not been installed during the winter months. If the insulation layer has been installed, however, this should be removed before the first freeze of the season. The winter pool maintenance company in Ottawa will know when to remove the insulation and start working on your pool. Once the pool has been drained, the ice will melt and you can safely get in and enjoy your new swimming facility.

The most important thing to remember about winter pool maintenance in Ottawa is that pipes and lines must remain clear of any debris during the winter months. If leaves and branches are falling onto the ground, they will freeze, causing damage to the pipes and lines. You may also want to remove any plants that are in your yard as well. These plants may also grow near the pipes and lines, posing a risk to you and your guests. The best thing to do is call the winter pool maintenance in Ottawa company at the first sign of frozen pipes or other concerns.

Most people are aware that you should never place ice or snow on the ground. This is especially true for sidewalks and driveways. While sidewalks might not seem like a priority during the summer, when there is an ice storm, sidewalks can be a hazard. When winter pool maintenance in Ottawa is needed, the best option is to take care of the problem before it gets worse. Even if you are sure that no ice is present, a quick thaw will prevent larger accumulations of snow.

It is a good idea to check your gutters when you drive into a driveway or turn onto a side street. If large pieces of ice have accumulated on the side of the road, the ice may be melting on sidewalks. This ice will eventually melt and create a slick surface that will be hazardous to walk on. Even small amounts of ice can be hazardous to walk on and could easily shatter while you are attempting to cross the street. If sidewalks are not free from ice, the risk of accidents will increase dramatically.

Ice is not the only problem with sidewalks during the winter. Snow and ice can also cause drainage problems on sidewalks in Ottawa. When snow melts, it runs off of sidewalks and into the nearby roads, creating a hazardous condition for motorists. It is important for winter pool maintenance professionals in Ottawa to check drainage on a regular basis to make sure that the roads are not marred by ice and snow. If sidewalks and roads are not cleared properly for winter, motorists will often collide with other vehicles, pedestrians, or even become trapped beneath the snow.

Another winter problem that is common in Ottawa is the formation of ice floes. Many homeowners in Ottawa choose to install winter pool heating equipment because it keeps the water in the pool at a consistent temperature. Unfortunately, freezing rain and winds cause the water temperature of the pool to fluctuate. Ice forms on the bottom of the pool as it absorbs heat from the surrounding environment and turns into a solid block on the ice. Ice fishing is a popular winter pastime, but it can be dangerous when the ice turns into ice floes.

The best way to avoid the formation of ice floes is to regularly maintain your pools. Regular winter pool maintenance in Ottawa means checking drains and making sure that the temperature of the pool water is enough to keep swimmers safe. It is also important to check the temperature of the surrounding environment, because conditions that are too cold can cause the formation of ice floes. If winter pool maintenance in Ottawa has been neglected, a frozen pond may soon be a reality. If this happens, it is best to call a local experienced winter pool technician to remove the ice from your pond. The technicians have the experience required to safely remove the ice and clear a blocked pipe.

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