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Deck construction in Calgary

If you're looking for a new addition to your home, building a deck in Calgary may be perfect for you. You can enjoy your yard without having to worry about a steep slope or wet grass. 

Attached decks become a popular space for outdoor kitchens or a place for children to play and evening relaxation in the warm season. Traditional wraparound decks are attached around the perimeter of the house or on two sides. They are often crafted to accentuate architectural craftsmanship and play up the aesthetic appeal of the house. 

Multi-level rooftop decks extend the living space of a home. Generally, these decks are more expensive and require a larger budget. However, this type of deck is not recommended for homes in neighbourhoods where local building codes may be stricter. You can build one that matches your house and yard design, but it's not always easy to get it approved.

A detached deck will enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your yard. It can be used to entertain guests and family, as well as to host outdoor appliances if you add railings or a canopy over the area. If you're building a pool-side deck, you'll want to make sure that it has appropriate lighting to ensure that you and your guests stay safe. Detached decks can also be used as elevated spaces for a swimming pool. Ultimately, a freestanding deck installation is easier than an attached one.

Once you've decided on the type of structure you want, you'll need to decide which materials to use. 

Types of Calgary decking materials

When considering which deck to build, it's essential to understand the supplies to opt from and how would you use your deck:

  • A popular material for decks is pressure-treated wood. There are varying grades of pressure wood, from deck lumbers for the main surface to higher-grade ones for deck railing in Calgary and built-in seating. Pressure-treated wood is an affordable option and a common choice for many decking projects. Because it's chemically treated to resist rot and other types of decay, it's often a good choice. However, it is necessary to stain the deck once a year to make it stay in good condition. In such a way, your pressure wood deck can serve for 20 years. 
  • Cedarwood is another popular choice for decks. Calgary wood decking from cedar is not susceptible to termites and rotting. There are some drawbacks to this material as well. Cedar is a beautiful appearance, but it will require more maintenance and deck refinishing in Calgary than other materials. In addition, natural wood is expensive so you should research the cost before buying. 
  • However, wood is not the only option for a deck - you can choose polymer decking. Composite decking in Calgary combines wood fibres and plastics with bonding agents and colourants. It is specially engineered to resist various weather conditions. Composite decking material in Calgary is UV resistant, so it will not fade or peel away over time. Unlike wood, it will not warp, twist or bend when exposed to extreme temperatures. While Calgary composite decking costs more, it is well worth the price. The longer lifespan of this material makes it an ideal outdoor surface. 
  • Vinyl decking in Calgary is valued for its water resistance. If you are looking for Calgary waterproof decking e.g. with a canopy, then vinyl is the way to go. The cost of materials is expensive compared to its wooden counterparts. However, Calgary vinyl decking pays for itself in the long run in the money you will save on maintenance.

Before starting Calgary deck construction, check for underground utilities. In addition, decks are usually attached to the house so you should follow the Alberta Building Code when planning deck installation in Calgary. Don't forget to apply for a state permit in advance if your deck is higher than 60 cm or covered. 

Hiring deck contractors in Calgary

It's best to hire a local contractor because they are more likely to be familiar with building codes in your area. There are a lot of local deck services in Calgary to choose from. To find the best deck builders in Calgary for you try the hiring platform Fee4Bee. On the site, you can look at reviews, ratings and prices of each contractor.

They can use various materials including cedar, composite and vinyl for deck covering in Calgary or for building waterproof decks in Calgary. Contractors can also do deck repairs in Calgary of different complexity, and they will have all the necessary tools for it. 

To hire a good deck builder in Calgary follow these simple steps:

  1. While choosing performers, make sure you ask for references to their work and deck builders in Calgary reviews from their previous clients.
  2. Check to see if Calgary deck builders are licensed and insured. These are essential factors to ensure that your deck construction project is completed safely and meets the standards.
  3. Make sure they understand the Alberta building codes. Incorrectly attached decks can result in water damage, structural failure, and even collapse. Ensure they know how to install the ledger board correctly to allow drainage and ventilation.
  4. Ask what other services they offer. For example, you may need deck designs in Calgary to choose what best suits your home.

Whether you need a simple or waterproof decking in Calgary, the professionals from Fee4Bee can make your dream deck a reality. 

Cost of the deck in Calgary

Before you start deck renovations in Calgary, you need to measure the size of your house. If your house has siding, you may need to remove it first before installing the deck. 

A pressure-treated lumber deck cost in Calgary is on average CAD $65 per square meter. A Cedar decking plank costs CAD $96 sq. m. Calgary deck prices for composite supplies are CAD $120 per square meter. This figure can easily reach CAD $40 per plank if you choose one of the more exotic, newer colour options.

About half of the decking prices in Calgary go for labour. Pros charge around the CAD $35 per square meter for deck construction and CAD $17-25 for deck repair in Calgary.

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