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Pet boarding in Calgary

When you are going on vacation, your pet most commonly does not follow you. Pets should be boarded somewhere. And you will want them to enjoy being in a new environment and meeting pet hoster. 

Once they are used to boarding, pets will not have separation anxiety, but dogs that have never been there will benefit from a short stay. Kittens, on the other hand, take to boarding very easily. Listed below are a few reasons how to board your pet at a Calgary pet boarding facility.

Cat hotel in Calgary

While a cat owner is far away, it is often impossible to leave the feline in the care of another person. Leaving the kitty alone can be daunting for both sides and relying on family members or friends to care for the cat can be embarrassing. As a result, Calgary cat boarding is becoming increasingly popular, and many people are looking for places to board their feline friends.

While most indoor cats can stand just fine with cat sitter visits, they do not enjoy being left alone for a long time. On the other hand, cats that don't like change may not like the experience of being in Calgary boarding kennels. Leaving them in the hands of strangers can make them feel uncomfortable. 

It is important to find a reputable Calgary cat hotel that offers good services. Calgary kennels pet boarding can help relieve their anxiety and provide an enjoyable environment for the feline. When choosing a boarding for cats in Calgary, be sure to choose a facility with spacious living quarters and lots of space to roam. You will have to come and see that the place is fit. This will cause a lot of inconveniences if you have to travel far. So look for boarding options in your area, for example, "cat boarding in Calgary NW". 

The best cat boarding in Calgary will give your cat the freedom to move around and enjoy the company of other cats. Also by searching cat boarding in NW Calgary, Calgary SW or other closest facilities you do not expose the cat to stress from a long move.

Dog hotel in Calgary

Boarding dogs in Calgary can be stressful for your pooch. Fortunately, there are a few ways to reduce stress and give your dog the best time possible while staying in a doggie kennel: 

  • Dogs that are prone to separation anxiety or anti-social behaviour may not be comfortable in an unfamiliar place. Therefore, you may want to consider alternatives, like hiring a dog sitter. However, there are some benefits to puppy boarding in Calgary. Dogs get to socialize with other dogs and stay active, and the staff at a kennel can take care of unexpected situations and health problems. 
  • The best dog boarding in Calgary will make your dog feel safe and comfortable while you're away.  Some facilities even have a webcam that allows you to see your dog while they are staying in an overnight dog boarding in Calgary. This allows you to rest assured that your pet is in good hands.
  • When choosing a long-term dog boarding Сalgary, keep in mind that some facilities only offer half-hour walks a day. If your dog is used to being free, it might need much more attention. Try to find a home dog boarding near Calgary option. It is important to read reviews and recommendations to make sure you're getting the best possible small dog boarding in Calgary service.

Before leaving your dog in a kennel, ask about dog boarding in Calgary prices. It can be expensive to leave your dog for an extended period of time. In addition to Calgary dog boarding costs, consider how much attention your dog will need. A cheap dog boarding in Calgary may not make your dog feel safe and comfortable while you're away. 

Boarding for other pets

Unlike dogs and cats, some other home pets require specialized care and should not be left alone. You will have to find people who have the capacity and experience to take care of exotic pets:

  1. Rabbit boarding in Calgary. Rabbits will chew on wood structures, so it is necessary to keep these items out of reach. While boarding a rabbit, remember to provide it with its usual comfort items. You can pack favourite hay or toy for it. But be sure to ask the boarding facility about any rules or restrictions regarding the use of these items. 
  2. Guinea pig boarding in Calgary. Before choosing a boarding facility for your guinea pig, make sure it has the necessary facilities for your pet. It should have the proper living arrangements and care for your pet, including adequate heating and cage setup. Make sure they have a regular cleaning schedule and qualifications to care for small pets.
  3. Bird boarding in Calgary. You can also want to board birds such as cockatiels or canaries. Your bird's cage and its accessories should be cleaned every day. Small pet boardings will also provide pictures and information about the bird's daily activities.
  4. Reptile boarding. Before choosing a boarding facility for your snake or lizard, make sure it has the necessary facilities for your pet. Snakes easily escape if they find any gaps. While they don't need daily feeding, they still need clean water and temperature control.

Whether you choose a boarding facility or at-home pet boarding, it is important to consider the pet's needs.

How to find the best pet boarding?

When you need to travel for business or pleasure, you may want to leave your pet at a boarding facility. These are common options for pet owners who don't want to leave their beloved furry friends alone. However, you should check whether the pet caregiver is reliable before letting your pet stay there. 

While many boarding facilities are not vet-run, you should check out their background and experience before allowing your beloved pet to stay there. To do this you may visit the Fee4Bee platform and research the caregivers who offer pet boarding services. You can choose a kennel by several parameters, by price, by clients' reviews, or by location. 

For instance, when you looking for dog boarding in the south of Calgary it would be more convenient to ask if the dog boarding is located in Calgary SE or SW so as not to force you to travel far with a pet carrier, and a supply of food and toys. Or you can ask if dog boarding is located in Calgary NE so you can stop by there on your way to the airport. Whether you choose a boarding facility for your dog or at home, it is important to consider the pet's needs.

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