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Mercedes Pouros
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Mercedes Pouros

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Rick O'Reilly

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Editing services in Calgary

When faced with the need to write a large amount of content, many people find that they have trouble with grammar or wording. Regardless of your project, the importance of proofreading is unquestionable. Whether you are working on a dissertation or a novel, your writing must be error-free, free of language issues, and objective errors. To make it go such a way you can hire freelancers that provide you with quality, and affordable proofreading services. 

Why hire proofreading in Calgary?

A freelancer in copyediting jobs in Calgary will make sure that your documents are written in the best possible way and that you are satisfied with the results. Further, they will ensure that the final document is properly structured and consistent, so you won't have to worry about it.

A good proofreading specialist will also be able to fix any grammatical errors or consistency issues in your document. Whether it is for business or personal use, hiring book proofreading services makes you sure the content is error-free.

While many amateur editors are capable of fixing the most objective errors, a Calgary copyediting freelancer can catch more subtle mistakes, ensuring that your content is free of mistakes. A thorough understanding of English language terms is necessary to identify, correct, and eliminate mistakes. A spell-check cannot detect minor, technical errors, which can affect the meaning of a sentence. In addition to spelling mistakes, a performer of proofreading jobs Calgary can eliminate homophones, repetitions, and other grammatical irregularities.

A proofreader will look for typos and punctuation errors. The copy editor in Calgary will also focus on ensuring that the document is coherent. Ultimately, freelance copyediting will make sure that your document reads well and is clear and easy to understand. 

How to choose Calgary editing services?

If you're looking for a Calgary copy editor, there are a lot of specialists on the Fee4Bee platform that can help you. These are the best, most experienced proofreaders and copyeditors in the city. 

There are a few aspects that you need to pay attention to when you looking for someone to proofread your content:

  1. When it comes to professional editing, you may want to choose a company that is familiar with the type of project you're working on. If you are looking for manuscript proofreading services, then you need to find a competent novelist. If we are talking about website content, then put more emphasis on theirs software skills. 
  2. The editing process is often a lengthy one, and it is important to work with freelance proofreaders who meet deadlines.
  3. Website proofreading services are convenient, however, they may not be able to fit into your process causing too much headache. As a result, your marketing team will be will lag behind waiting to review their work.
  4. While it is possible to hire a copyeditor who is familiar with your writing style, it is advisable that they have experience in the considered topic. When you need a document edited, academic editing and proofreading services that specialize in your particular field cope with it better than others.
  5. If you need an article edited, a competent proofreader will look for typos and misplaced words. They will also recommend changes that will improve the quality of the finished product. 

Calgary proofreading services rates

When you need good content editing to finish your manuscript, you don't want to hire an expensive firm to do it. In Calgary, you can find professional, experienced proofreaders who are ready to take on the challenge of making your manuscript perfect.

The cost of a copyediting service will depend on several factors, such as:

  • the word count or the number of pages of your manuscript;
  • the deadlines when it should be edited; 
  • the level of expertise of the copyeditor. 

Generally, a proofreader will only focus on checking the grammar of content and charge on average CAD $55-60 per hour. But for an extra fee, they will also check for inconsistencies in the text. A copyeditor will review and format your document correctly.

The difference between copyediting and proofreading is the amount of time spent on each stage. A copyeditor will review 6-8 pages of simple content in an hour and 3-5 pages of complex or specific content. However, they won't be able to fix minor mistakes in the text. 

During the proofreading process, the typeset text will be edited for small typos. Moreover, a proofreader will use a bespoke stylesheet for your document. This alow them to process from 5 to 12 pages in an hour.

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