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Cladding services in Calgary

Architectural cladding is basically the application of a single material on top of another in order to give an insulating barrier or skin layer. Weatherboard cladding is most commonly used in construction to increase the energy efficiency and weather resistance of buildings. Calgary cladding isn't just popular in residential homes. It's also widely used in commercial buildings.

Types of wall cladding in Calgary

There are many different uses for custom cladding in Calgary. One of the most popular uses is as a wall cover. Cladding over the brick is installed to protect the walls from dust and debris and exposure to weather. These structures can also be used as an aesthetic effect on your home's exterior.

You can choose from either a cedar cladding timber or colour steel cladding profiles. These products all offer their own benefits, so you'll want to investigate each type before you buy:

  • Stone cladding in Calgary. There are natural and artificial stone cladding. The latter is best suited to external applications. It is advisable to periodically clean natural stone cladding for wall lining as oxidizer deposits can affect its appearance. A black slate wall cladding is often used as well. It is generally durable, attractive and versatile but more expensive than others. 
  • Metal cladding in Calgary сan varies greatly, from corten steel cladding to aluminum panels. Stainless steel wall cladding sheet is a material that's both cost-effective and easy to install. Steel cladding is easy to repair or remove in Calgary when you want them off, and it does not crack, rot, or warp. The advantages of aluminum cladding in Calgary include their low cost, lightweight, and easy installation. Because of fire resistance, they are recommended by many metal cladding contractors in Calgary.
  • Cedar cladding. Western red cedar is a popular softwood used in wall cladding. Its wood is highly resistant to splitting, and decay in proper western red cedar cladding maintenance. Cedar lumbers are available in a wide range of profiles to match the required cedar cladding thickness and architecture of your home.
  • Concrete cladding can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building and will last a very long time. Fibre cement cladding installation is simple and has a much wider range of possibilities for finishing. You can purchase fibre cement cladding in various colours and patterns, depending on your preference. The best part about using concrete for exterior wall cladding is that it requires virtually no maintenance.
  • Сorrugated iron cladding is an inexpensive material that can withstand rain and snow. Corrugated steel cladding sheets are particularly suited to side cladding of storage buildings, barns, and fence panels. It's very easy to install and can be stained with paint or stains if need be.

Each of these materials will have different qualities and advantages when it comes to their appearance. 

As mentioned above, roofing and cladding companies in Calgary can be hired for aesthetic reasons. You may also want to consider cladding as part of your home's exterior.

How to find cladding contractors near me?

Exterior cladding is an excellent way to protect the house from the elements while making it look appealing. If you have decided to improve the appearance of your home, you might wonder how to hire roofing and cladding companies. 

When looking for a contractor to install a cladding system for your home, the best place to start is with specialized contractors. Browse the internet on "stone wall cladding near me" or "composite cladding near me" depending on what type of materials you want. This will give you a base view of contractors' availability and rates.

As an option, you can visit the Fee4Bee website and find taskers for any cladding jobs in Calgary. You can view a list of Calgary cladding contractors and sort them by price and customer reviews.

Before you hire a cladding contractor, make sure to do your research. Pay attention to the following qualities when choosing a person to work with:

  1. Skillful cladding installers can offer interior or exterior cladding services. They can't be good at everything;
  2. They should be experts at installing various cladding systems and be able to provide you with advice on which cladding supplies are the best for your building site. 
  3. They can also perform the installation for you for a reasonable price. Request a few cladding contractors in Calgary to have a possible cladding cost comparison.

While there are many reputable siding contractors with the necessary tools and experience, you should avoid imposters who may not have the credentials. If you are a fairly DIY person, it's very possible to finish the job yourself.

Cost of exterior house cladding

In addition to adding curb appeal to your home, exterior siding provides protection from the elements and contributes to the home's energy efficiency. If you notice a problem with your home's exterior cladding, you should replace it right away. Cladding replacement cost depends on the material used and the area that needs to be repaired. 

The most important thing to remember, of course, is that the quality of the cladding materials you select will have a large impact on the look of your exterior. Metal cladding cost ranges from CAD $35 to 70 per square metre. Composite cladding cost is on average CAD $65-110 per sq metre. Consider the type of material you choose in conjunction with the amount of money you're willing to spend for the cladding in Calgary.


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