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Furniture movers in Calgary

If you are moving, you may need to hire Calgary furniture movers for the relocation. The complexity of furniture moving in Calgary increases as you need to move multiple items. Professional furniture movers in Calgary are able to provide quality services to make your job easier. Here, you will learn what furniture movers' services are and how much they charge. 

The benefits of hiring furniture moving services in Calgary

There are many advantages to hiring a Calgary furniture moving service, that aren't always obvious at first glance: 

  • It may be a hassle to pack and move a large number of furniture, but the process can be made easier if you find local furniture movers near you.
  • Furniture movers in Calgary have the right tools and know how to disassemble and pack pieces of furniture properly. 
  • Calgary moving contractors have the experience and training to move your items safely and efficiently. 
  • Moreover, some companies offer storage services which can be beneficial for those who don't have the space to move their furniture. You may look for “furniture movers and storage near me” on the internet and be sure to find the right option for you.

How to hire local furniture movers near me?

When it comes to moving your furniture in Calgary, you have several options, from local movers to long-distance movers. Local moves are typically cheaper and easier to handle than long-distance moves in Calgary, as the last requires more coordination and logistics. 

Moving is a stressful event, and you don't want to risk damaging any valuables. While a company may advertise a safe and secure moving process, it doesn't mean that it will be able to move your furniture without damaging it. To ensure the contractor is skilful and responsible, check their reviews on the Fee4Bee marketplace. On the website, you can find the Calgary furniture mover to perform your task. Here are some tips to choose the best furniture moving company in Calgary:

  1. They should provide the best furniture moving services at competitive rates. 
  2. When hiring furniture movers in Calgary, be sure to get more than one estimate. 
  3. Local Calgary movers will usually be more flexible and willing to work with you.
  4. Long-distance moves may require a lot of planning and can take a lot longer.
  5. Furniture movers should be skilled at moving heavy, bulky furniture and have the right supplies to protect your valuables and make the process go as quickly as possible.
  6. If you're moving your grandmother's hutch, antique furniture movers near you should be insured additionally, that will mean you won't have to worry about any damages or breakages to your items.
  7. Professional furniture movers near you will also ensure your items are wrapped in a proper way, which helps prevent damage. 

For an extra fee, they'll take care of the heavy lifting and unpacking. On the Fee4Bee, you may even request a free quote online, and then choose a company based on its service level and price.

How much does it cost to move furniture?

When searching for cheap furniture movers near you, be sure to get more than one estimate. Ask for free quotes on fee4Bee to compare prices and services before hiring furniture movers in Calgary, Alberta

Generally, movers charge by the hour, but it's a good idea to ask about the exact cost before committing. This way, you'll be prepared for unexpected costs. You can expect to pay between CAD $25 and CAD $30 per hour for a local move.  

You'll need to pay more for the services of movers if you plan to move large pieces, like your bed, wardrobe or sofa. It can cost anywhere from CAD $400 to CAD $610 to move a couch. A small sofa will cost less, but a five-piece sectional can weigh more than one thousand pounds. A loveseat and sofa will cost around CAD $200 to CAD $350 to move, but that will increase if you have heavier pieces.

The cost of moving furniture in Calgary will depend on how far you're moving and the type of move. Using Calgary moving services for short distances will likely be cheaper than hiring a large company for the same job. The availability of stairs on movers way will also raise the cost.

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