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What are home dog sitting service advantages?

If you are going on vacation or on a business trip and you have no one to leave your beloved four-legged friend with, then you should pay attention to dog house sitting services. All people in this profession are incredibly good about animals and will gladly take your pet in during your absence.

Types of dog sitting services in Canada

Depending on your needs and the qualifications of a dog sitter, you can get the following services:

  • Dog boarding - overnight dog sitting boarding service. Many people mistakenly believe that dog boarding in a kennel is much cheaper than dog and house sitting.
  • Dog house sitting - this is one of the types of dog pet sitting services when you invite a dogsitter into your house. Usually, dog sitting in your own home quite easier for the pet because it takes much less stress. 
  • Drop-in visits - if you do not want to waste a lot of money but still feel guilty because your pet is staying alone in the home for the whole day drop-in dog sitting in your own home visits are a perfect option for you. A dog sitter will visit your pet as many times per day as you want. He or she become feeding, playing, and dog walking and pet sitting with your dog.  
  • Walk in the park dog sitting - nobody knows how the day can go but, no matter how busy you are, your pet still has its needs. That’s why dog walkers are a solution for you. You can hire a dog sitting for money person who will walk with your dog whenever you need it.

Hire someone for dog sitting and house sitting

Using Fee4Bee service you can easily find the best home dog sitting near you. A local dog sitter will visit your pet every day, or even a few times per day depends on your needs. Dog sitting and walking jobs are quite popular in Canada, so based on ratings, reviews, and work is done, instead of putting your dog in a pet hotel cage, you can choose a true friend for it. 

House and dog sitting rates

First of all the cost depends on the service you need. Consider what exactly do you need dog walking or house sitting services? Next, answering the question of how much should I charge for dog sitting it is worth choosing the type of payment that suits you in the best way.

You can get the following dog house sitting prices:

Time frame:

Dog sitting cost:

Dog sitting hourly rate

CAD $12;

Overnight dog sitting rates

CAD $55, include dog walking CAD $75;

Cost of dog sitting for a week

CAD $350.

Of course, on the other hand, it depends on the region dog sitting in Toronto can cost more than a dog sitting in Vancouver. But if we will say in general the average price for dog sitting in Canada is about 15$ per hour. 

Dog boarding vs sitting

Some people prefer to board their pets to pet hotels when they need to go away from the house for some time. But almost all pet hotels will put your pet into the cage or cannel. It is a more stressful experience for your pet than the dog and cat sitting services in your home. At the same time if you will hire dog-sitting companies you can even do not take your pet from its home. And pet sitting gives you a lot more options than a simple pet hotel, such as dog sitting rates, schedule flexibility, personal approach, and true love of your dog sitter.

How much to charge for house and dog sitting?
What is included in the dog sitting services?
Can I hire an overnight dog sitting in my home?
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