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Home care nurse in Edmonton

When you are in need of health care at home, you may be wondering what exactly in-home nursing services are. This article will explain the difference between a nurse and a home caregiver, and how much nursing services typically cost in Edmonton. 

Edmonton nurses can perform a range of jobs:

  • Palliative nurse jobs in Edmonton. The purpose of palliative health care is to help patients maintain or slow their rate of illness. In most cases, patients and family members prefer to remain at home where they can continue to live independently. A nurse's presence in the patient's home can help the family understand and manage treatment instructions. 
  • Night nurse jobs in Edmonton. You can hire a night nurse to help you care for your newborn baby when you feel exhausted and stressed out after a few weeks or days. Edmonton night nurse can help you get a restful night's sleep and help with an infant at first few weeks at the home.
  • After surgical nurse practitioner jobs in Edmonton. It is also beneficial for patients to receive services from a qualified health professional who is familiar with the patient's needs and lifestyles.
  • Private caregiver jobs in Edmonton are not required such qualifications as nurses but are also important for patients. They are a popular choice for people with disabilities and elderly people. They can be convenient and help patients maintain their independence. 

How to hire a home nurse?

Hiring a home nurse in Edmonton can be a great way to make sure that your loved one receives the best possible health care at home. These professionals will get to know your loved ones and will be able to interact with them regularly.

On the Fee4Bee you may find different providers of private nursing jobs in Edmonton. Browse their profiles to find the one that suits you best. To choose a suitable nurse or caregiver, pay attention to their main features:

  1. Nursing professionals are responsible for the health and safety of their patients.
  2. You have to make sure that the private nurse in Edmonton has the experience and proper licence in Alberta province. 
  3. It is important to be sure the person is qualified and has sufficient experience with the patient's particular condition.
  4. Nursing care workers should be polite and friendly with the patient. Look in the Fee4Bee reviews if customers complained about their treatment.

Difference between a nurse and a home caregiver

Edmonton nurse services are not affordable for everyone, and caregivers in Edmonton aid may be a better option if your loved one has health concerns that require regular medical attention. While there are some similarities between a caregiver and a home nurse, there are also a few key differences between them.

Practical nurse in Edmonton provides skilled medical care, such as IV therapy and regular injections. They are also trained to administer a variety of medications and can perform medical interventions, including preparing and administering drugs prescribed by a doctor. Edmonton nurse jobs will also include vital signs indications, but they will not be responsible for activities of daily living and extensive companionship. 

A caregiver's scope of work is much more limited because they lack the training to work in a medical facility. If a nurse's skills and expertise are not needed then home care aides and caregivers in the Edmonton area can provide basic care, personal hygiene and companionship.  A caregiver in Edmonton Alberta is qualified to provide home care in a variety of settings. An Edmonton  home care aider can provide basic assistance which is more useful for recovering from long-term illnesses and chronic medical conditions

Cost of home nursing in Edmonton

There are several ways to access these services, and they can be costly. Home care services are available as private pay. However, paying for them may be difficult for some people, especially if they need long-term help with everyday activities. Many people with disabilities and medical conditions qualify for insurance-covered home care, which may be covered by their health insurance. 

If you're planning to hire an Edmonton home nurse, the first step is determining what the nurse's rate will be. In most cases, in-home nurses in Edmonton charge a higher rate than their hospital counterparts. Registered nurses charge between $40-$69 per call in Edmonton.

The cost of in-home care varies depending on the type of care needed. Edmonton personal caregivers charge about $20-$30 an hour. The cost of a full-time live-in caregiver can be as much as $3,500 per month, including room and board.

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