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Cabinet makers in Edmonton

There is a vast assortment of designs, colours, and shapes to choose from for the fine furniture to suit your home or office. However, when you plan your home furnishing it can be difficult to choose from ready-made furniture options sold in the store. Then you go to Edmonton cabinet makers for a custom order.

Some cabinetmakers specialize in particular areas. Here are some types of furniture that Edmonton cabinet maker can perform for you:

  • Wardrobes are simple box-like units with drawers and/or doors for storing small miscellaneous items. Some cabinets stand on their own, while others are placed inside of a wall. 
  • Bathroom vanities. Some are made out of one solid colour, while others come in many different colours. Some even come with unique textures or designs. Bathroom cabinet makers in Edmonton will opt for more natural wood, which is easier to clean and maintain.
  • Kitchen cabinets. There are different types of door and drawer front materials to choose from. When choosing kitchen cabinet makers in Edmonton, make sure that they offer free measurements and quotes. Generally, they will give you multiple choices for bench top materials and offer installation help. Best kitchen cabinet makers will also have many different design options that will appeal to your specific tastes. 
  • Bookcases. Most people choose ready-to-assemble or pre-assembled bookcases. However, if you need a special design, then the best option is to turn to the cabinet maker in Edmonton AB. Redwood is easily processed, so the finished product will be unique but inexpensive.

In this way, you can find an experienced cabinet maker in Edmonton who specializes in any type of furniture. Custom cabinet makers in Edmonton use exotic woods and materials and are often more detail-oriented. They create custom-designed furniture. 

Finding cabinet makers in Edmonton

The ability to design and construct bespoke furniture has created new markets for these professionals, as more people seek quality cabinetry to spruce up their homes and offices.

Before hiring a furniture maker in Edmonton, be sure to carefully review all of the options available. Browse “cabinet makers near me” on the internet to make initial research. To make the right decision visit the Fee4Bee website. On our platform, you can compare different contractors' terms, their experience and price rates.

If possible, take the time to explore Edmonton furniture makers' experience and view some examples of custom cabinetry they make:

  1. The best custom cabinetry makers in Edmonton are well-established in the craft and are able to create high-quality cabinets at competitive prices. 
  2. Most cabinet door makers will give you a detailed description of their products so that you can understand exactly what you are purchasing.
  3. There may need to be additional measurements made, such as the height and width of the unit, in order to accurately determine how much shelving or cabinets are needed to fill the area. The dimensions should include the depth of the drawer, the width of the drawer, and the height of the drawers.
  4. Cabinet-making jobs in Edmonton will include hardware, trimming, and finishing. Taking measurements and assembling the cabinet will also need to be included.

In addition, furniture makers in Edmonton may offer advice about the appropriate cabinet-making materials and styles, which you can gain by talking with them.

Cost of custom cabinet making in Edmonton 

Find the best furniture maker in Edmonton that can make the furniture you have dreams about. You can find the best price for the furniture you need. If you have a budget, you can also find the best prices on the Fee4Bee website.

The cost of custom cabinets is based on the amount of surface area covered and the quality of construction. However, lesser-quality cabinets can cost almost as much as ready-made cabinets from stores. High-quality custom cabinetry can cost CAD $500 per linear foot. In some cases, the price may reach CAD $1,200 per linear foot. 

If you want to build a custom cabinet for your kitchen or bathroom, there are several options to choose from. Maple cabinets, for example, average CAD $300-400 per linear foot. Maple is a medium-density hardwood that is tough, durable, and fairly easy to work with. 

However, if you are planning to purchase custom cabinets for a whole kitchen, expect to pay upwards of $28,000. This price is an investment in your kitchen, which should last for at least 25 years.

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