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Edmonton furniture delivery is critical for getting your furniture from the store to your home or office. Not everyone has a large vehicle, and even if you do, it's not always practical to try and fit large furniture into it. Furniture delivery services are essential for ensuring that your furniture arrives safely at its destination. Heavy pieces of furniture can be difficult to transport without risking injury or damage. Furniture delivery companies in Edmonton use specialized equipment to move the furniture and provide extra protection for it during transport. 

Delivering heavy furniture into your home or office can be a daunting task. You spend your energy choosing the furniture and paying for it. And now you face the issue of bringing it to the place. But with the help of professional furniture delivery men, it doesn't have to be. In this post, we'll provide an overview of the benefits of hiring a furniture delivery service, how to choose the right one, and what to expect from the delivery process.

Hiring a furniture delivery service in Edmonton

Are you looking for cheap furniture delivery in Edmonton? The Fee4Bee hiring marketplace offers you safe and quick delivery of your new furniture.  We have an extensive network of professional delivery and furniture assembly contractors who will cope with the task for you quickly and safely.

The services may include:

  • pickup the piece of furniture from the store or whatever;
  • transport it to your home in the equipped truck,
  • lifting to the floor if needed.

To order Edmonton furniture delivery services on the Fee4Bee you should create a job posting and wait for professional movers to submit their proposals.

After you get the list of available offers, it is important to compare the experience and reviews of each Edmonton furniture delivery contractor before selecting one. Then review the available packages, as each company may offer different services at various prices. 

Furniture delivery cost in Edmonton

There are different types of furniture delivery in Edmonton. And in dependence on which one you choose the cost may vary:

  1. Same-day furniture delivery. If your order is urgent, furniture same-day delivery services are the best option. You can pick up the piece at a store or have it delivered in Edmonton in a short time. Usually, such delivery services cost more than others because couriers will have to rush to deliver your furniture.
  2. Overnight furniture delivery. These services are appropriate when you need to get the item without delay, but not immediately. This type of service refers to furniture fast delivery but is often cheaper than Edmonton same-day delivery because couriers have more time for planning and preparation.
  3. Standard furniture delivery. These services can take up to a week depending on the store. The price of such furniture delivery is usually lower than quick services. 
  4. Small furniture delivery service is perfect for small pieces and items such as chairs, stools, shelves and other small furniture. Usually, these services will cost you less than large item deliveries and perform faster.
  5. A big piece of furniture delivery. If your order consists of a big piece or a whole set of furniture like a dresser or bed delivery then it’s better to hire a specialized furniture delivery contractor in Edmonton. They will protect your items from damage and make sure that everything is delivered safely to your home. 
  6. Office furniture delivery. Office furniture is usually bigger and heavier than residential pieces of furniture so it requires special handling and responsibility. To ensure that everything will be delivered on time, you should hire an office furniture next-day delivery contractor who knows how to handle this kind of task. 

So, if you need reliable furniture delivery services in Edmonton, Fee4Bee has everything you need! Create an offer and get the best proposals from qualified couriers today!

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