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If there are freezing outside and are unsure about how to get rid of ice on the driveway, you have a few options for de-icing in Edmonton. First, you need to remember that these methods only melt the ice and will not remove the snow from your driveway

When to use salt in Edmonton?

Using ice melt salt in Edmonton is an effective way to prevent ice from forming. You should apply it to the ground before snow falls or after snow removal. It helps to lower the freezing point of water, which prevents ice from forming and walking surfaces from slippery. 

However, the process is a little more complicated than just salting the sidewalk: 

  • You should wear no-slip shoes, to avoid falling injuries;
  • Proper gear, such as water-repellent gloves to keep your hands out of salt for sidewalks;
  • Salt for sidewalks can be found in various forms, from granules to liquid. Choosing the right one for your needs is important, as certain types of de-icing products can damage some surfaces.

Salt can be applied to the driveway in layers, and you should make sure to spread it evenly. You can sprinkle the salt on the driveway before the storm begins, or you can use it right in time the snow falls to make traction easier. However, if you don't want to use salt to get rid of ice on the sidewalk, you can use Edmonton sidewalk sand instead. Sand won't melt the ice, but it can provide additional traction. 

Ice melt alternatives to salt

There are many alternatives to using salt to de-ice your driveway and pathway that are more environmentally friendly and won't hurt your driveway: 

  1. Hot water and sugar work for relatively high temperatures. Sugar decreases the water's freezing point by binding with water molecules and creating space between them. 
  2. Another alternative to sidewalk salt in Edmonton is rubbing alcohol with soap and warm water. It can quickly melt the ice and provide traction. This method is a cheap and effective alternative to commercial de-icers. It doesn't damage the surrounding plants and trees, and it doesn't have the side-effect of harming pets and the environment. 
  3. Ice salt in Edmonton spreading. Magnesium chloride can be applied even if there is extremely cold. It can work up to -25°C and takes 30 minutes to ice begin to melt. The salting driveway using calcium chloride melts ice up to -28 deg Celsius.
  4. Sand application is the most common driveway salt alternative. If you don't want to mess with salting your driveway, you can also try using sidewalk sanding in Edmonton.

Ice buildup can make your walkways unsafe. Edmonton sidewalk salting services on Fee4Bee can help you prevent this hazard. The long freeze-thaw cycle affects sidewalks throughout Edmonton. The city of Edmonton also reminds residents to shovel sidewalks as soon as possible. This will help prevent ice and snow from accumulating.

Parking lot sanding in Edmonton

When it comes to clearing the ice from your driveway or parking lot, there are several options to consider. While you can use deicing salt as the best way to get rid of ice on the driveway and parking lot, these methods can also damage your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Instead, you can use a snow shovel to scoop the send and spread it. Regardless of the method used, it is important to keep in mind that re-gritting should be done after the next snowfall or defrosting. Sand application help prevents salt from reaching vegetation in the area and your pet's paws.

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