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Yard maintenance in Edmonton from a professional company can be an invaluable asset to property owners. A well-cleaned yard not only adds aesthetic appeal to the home but also increases the value of the property. Professional yard services in Edmonton provide various benefits, including regular mowing and trimming, fertilizing and weed prevention.

Types of yard maintenance services

Yard work in Edmonton can vary depending on the needs of the property, but it generally falls into a few main categories: 

  • Lawn mowing, trimming and edging. Lawn care is one of the most important yet basic yard cleanup services in Edmonton. It involves cutting the grass to a desired height with a lawnmower and trimming and edging around the edges of walkways and sidewalks. This is essential to keep a yard looking neat and tidy, while also allowing air and sunlight to reach the grassroots.
  • Fertilization and weed control. Weed control is another important yard maintenance task that involves removing unwanted weeds from flowerbeds, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. This is often done with the help of herbicides and fertilizers treatments. 
  • Irrigation installation and repair. Irrigation installation service is essential for keeping grass and plants properly hydrated. This involves installing sprinklers, hoses, and drip irrigation systems to ensure proper water distribution. Additionally, it often entails performing repairs if any part of the system fails or needs to be replaced. 
  • Aeration and seeding. Aeration can help keep a lawn looking healthy. Aeration involves using small gas-powered tools to punch tiny holes into the soil, allowing air and water to reach the grass roots more easily. Seeding is then used to spread fresh grass seed across the lawn in order to fill any bare patches or encourage growth elsewhere.
  • Yard waste removal in Edmonton. Yard waste removal can also be a part of yard maintenance services. This involves yard cleaning in Edmonton, such as raking leaves, twigs, and other Edmonton seasonal yard waste from the property and disposing of them properly. 

Finding Edmonton yard clean-up services

Finding a reputable and reliable Edmonton yard cleanup contractor is essential to ensure that your outdoor space looks its best. One way to find a quality service is by asking friends, family, or neighbours for recommendations. Additionally, you can search yard clean-up in Edmonton companies on Fee4Bee by reading customer feedback and ratings there. 

Once you’ve identified a few potential service providers, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re choosing someone who is credible and experienced. Here are a few tips for selecting a qualified contractor:

  1. Read reviews and check references to ensure that the contractor has a good track record of customer satisfaction.
  2. Ask for proof of proper insurance coverage to ensure that any accidents or damages will be covered.
  3. Make sure the contractor is properly licensed and certified to perform yard maintenance services in your area.
  4. Get cost estimation of services and compare them with other providers.
  5. Ask any questions you may have about their services, such as what tools they use or what type of maintenance plans are available.

By taking the time to research and compare different contractors, you can find a reliable service provider who will ensure your yard looks its best.

Yard maintenance frequency

Yard care services should be done seasonally in order to keep your outdoor space looking its best. Edmonton spring yard clean-up tasks typically include aeration and seeding of the lawn, as well as trimming hedges and trees. Other tasks may include servicing sprinkler systems, as well as spreading fertilizer in order to promote healthy grass growth. Spring yard cleanup in Edmonton should be provided at least once a year, or more if needed.

Fall yard clean up Edmonton may include raking leaves and gathering other debris from gutters and around the property, removing any dead plants as well as trimming trees and shrubs. This should be done prior to winter to help protect the lawn from frosting. Additionally, it’s important to winterize sprinkler systems in order to prevent damage from freezing temperatures.

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