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Concierge errand services are an excellent way to maximize your time. Studies show that the average employed adult spends 47 hours a week at work and completes at least 2 hours of errands per day. This translates to a great deal of unproductive time that is not being put to better use - time that you could be spending on relationships, business, and hobby. Edmonton errand services are a great way to make the most of your time and help you focus on other aspects of your life.

Make the most of your time with errand services in Edmonton

Hiring a concierge service in Edmonton Alberta can reduce your stress level. By letting someone else do your mundane errands, you'll have more time to spend with your family or on your personal stuff. 

  • Household errands. Running errands is a time-consuming task, which not only wastes your time but burns your energy. Whether you're a working parent or just want to free up some time, household errand services in Edmonton can help you with everything from grocery shopping to dry cleaning. These services are a great way to find extra time to do what you love.
  • Assistance to the elderly. Most of the clients who need errand-running services are seniors. They'll be able to enjoy their life without feeling stressed or burned out. Aside from making life easier, Edmonton errand runners can even help elderlies stay healthy and happier.
  • Business errands. In addition to running household errands, some concierge services in Edmonton also provide assistance for businesses. The concierges can help you with booking restaurants, picking up laundry and even taking care of your mail. These services can be particularly helpful when you're on vacation, for example. You can also hire a concierge in Edmonton saving you from long lines.

The cost of hiring errand runners in Edmonton

Errand services can be a convenient, inexpensive way to save time. This service can help busy individuals focus on their jobs while their errands are handled by others. It is especially beneficial for seniors, who find it difficult to run errands on their own and might prefer to take a leisurely walk instead.

Errand runners' rates can range from CAD $15 to CAD $60 per hour. These fees may depend on the amount of work they perform and the location of the job. You may also be charged a surcharge for emergency calls or unexpected appointments. 

You can also inquire do the errand runner has a car and driving license, or other special skills. But it can also cost you money. Depending on the service, this may be a percentage of the agreed amount or a fixed charge per settlement. 

Edmonton concierge service requirements

Hiring an Edmonton errand runner may be an excellent option for elderlies, people with disabilities or busy professionals. The fee4Bee marketplace offers plenty of individuals who are ready to complete your orders of any type. Errand services are usually performed by independent helpers to complete your daily tasks. On the Fee4Bee site you will find:

  1. The contractor profile includes their service offerings, location, rates and testimonials. 
  2. A reliable vehicle, a smartphone, and a driver's license are all requirements you may looking for in an errand helper. 
  3. They should be trained to handle your errands efficiently and with quality. 
  4. They'll be able to complete your errands quickly and easily, so you can focus on the important aspects of your life.
  5. Some contractors offer a daily errand service, while others offer a weekly or monthly package. Some even offer short-term services ahead of big events. 

Whether you're a working adult or someone with limited mobility, a professional errand service can help you free up time to enjoy your life.

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