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Siding installation in Edmonton

If you're considering remodelling your home or need new siding installed on your house in Edmonton, you may be wondering where to find professional installers. In this article, we'll go over some of the common materials used for the installation of siding in Edmonton, the process of hiring a siding contractor, and the estimated cost of the work. Keep the following tips that you can use to get the most bang for your buck. 

The most commonly used types of siding in Edmonton

House siding in Edmonton is an essential component of the exterior of your home. Not only it does protect your home from the weather, but it can also greatly improve the look and feel of your property. Choosing the right Edmonton siding for your house can make all the difference. Plus, it can also add aesthetic value, which is great for resale when the time comes. Today, there are a variety of siding materials to choose from:

  • Wood siding in Edmonton is susceptible to weather and moisture. During summer the air is hot and cedar siding in Edmonton tends to shrink. In winter humid raises, so it will be vulnerable to moisture. Log siding in Edmonton is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. It is expensive, but it can guarantee greater durability and longevity if appropriately treated. Logs should be protected from termites and rot. 
  • Stone siding in Edmonton is very durable and does not absorb moisture. The process of Edmonton siding installation takes longer. It is more time-consuming to cut the stone and fit it into the walls. However, stone siding can easily withstand harsh weather.
  • Metal siding in Edmonton is another option. Steel siding in Edmonton is durable and easily paintable material. It can be used on exterior walls in any climate. Aluminum siding in Edmonton is light and malleable and is resistant to fire. It is also a great option for commercial buildings and large structures. 
  • Vinyl siding in Edmonton requires little maintenance and only light cleaning with soap and water. It does not fade and retains its qualities for quite a long time.
  • Stucco siding in Edmonton can be maintained very easily. In addition to that, it offers insulation and is recyclable. Stucco and fibre cement siding in Edmonton are incredibly durable, but it requires meticulous detail when installed. They are popular choices in residential applications.

So, before you begin a huge project, you should decide what type of supplies suits your needs. Some Edmonton siding contractors specialize in one type or another. Properly installed siding will add charm and beauty to any home and will last for decades. And if you're looking to repair your entire house, siding repair in Edmonton is a good idea.

Hiring an exterior siding contractor in Edmonton

When hiring a contractor, be sure to get detailed information about siding companies in Edmonton. You can find recommendations for top siding contractors in Edmonton on Fee4Bee from people who recently had their siding installed. Don't be afraid to ask them questions about their work, as this can help you make an informed decision:

  1. Ask the contractor about the cost of their work, and the materials used. The best siding installers in Edmonton will have experience with all types of siding. 
  2. Also, make sure to discuss who is responsible for obtaining work permits and who is responsible for cleaning up the site after the project is complete.
  3. Check the quality of Edmonton siding contractor work on Fee4Bee, and whether their customers were satisfied with the result. 
  4. Lastly, look for ratings of the Edmonton siding companies. Read testimonials and check out their portfolio before hiring them.

Installation of siding cost in Edmonton

How much will your siding installation cost? The answer depends on a few factors, including the material and who performs the job. Installers of siding in Edmonton will take measurements of your house for you, so they can give you a good estimate of the amount of material and project cost.

Here are the average prices for siding jobs in Edmonton, material and labour. 

Wood siding 

CAD $6 to $10 sq ft. 121212

Stone and brick siding

CAD $12 to $20 sq ft

Metal siding

CAD $4 to $7 sq ft

Vinyl siding

CAD $8 to $17,5 sq ft

Stucco and fibre cement siding

CAD $5 to $14 sq ft

Siding repairs in Edmonton

CAD $2,30 - 13,5 sq ft

Better-quality materials usually cost more than cheaper types. For example vinyl siding Edmonton prices are high but when we talk about labour also, you get an average price and high quality. in addition, you won't worry about vinyl siding repair in Edmonton for a long time, as it is quite durable.

Your home's architectural design also affects the cost, as a tall Craftsman-style home will require more labour and materials than a traditional house. 

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