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Upgrade your yard with a wood deck construction

Planning your deck design and construction is an important part of the home improvement project. It is important to follow the building codes for the deck or porch and adhere to all of them. 

There are many different kinds of decks, pergolas, and gazebos, so it is important to know what to expect when you're planning a new outdoor relax space. Consider all the options of how you going to use your outside deck. Does it often rain in your area? The type of structure will probably depend on this:

  • Standard deck construction will definitely add life to your backyard. This is usually a wooden deck without roofing. Wood deck installation does not take much time, and will not cost you much.
  • Balcony deck construction is one of the most expensive options, where an architect is definitely required for making the correct layout and a team of workers to build it.
  • Pool deck construction is a fairly popular type of backyard structure that is not difficult to order in Canada. Depending on the type of pool, contractors will make deck on-ground construction or above-ground stair railing construction.
  • Covered deck construction should take into account the windiness in your area, and the amount of snow that falls in winter.
  • Front porch stairs construction will likely require an exterior design project to blend well with the style of your house and landscape.
  • Installation pergola. Usually, these are aesthetic structures with a beautiful design, which can either be attached to the house or stand separately in the yard.

Deck, porch, or gazebo designs

After planning your deck installation, the next step is choosing the right design and materials. In case if you are planning to build a complex deck or backyard bunkie, you may want to hire an architect to design a project. They will also tell you the deck construction code.

Before you begin building a deck, it's important to learn as much as you can about its basic functions. You'll need to determine how much space patio deck construction takes, and how you'll use it. A gazebo design should be sized properly for the property it's attached to. 

You need to plan a porch design and construction that match your existing home. Besides the sizing, you should also think about the style, the deck post mounting options, and deck railing installation. The structure should be well protected from rain and snow so deck post and beam construction must be approached with all seriousness. It should also have sufficient lighting. 

If you're not sure what size is better, consult a professional gazebo installation service. If your budget is limited, you can also choose different materials that are cheaper or more expensive.

Materials to use for deck and porch construction

The materials used for the construction of a pergola or a deck should be chosen wisely.  When it comes to materials, you can choose any type that you prefer based on style, durability, and deck construction costs in Canada. 

There are many benefits to each of the main materials, such as wood, vinyl, and concrete. For low-level deck construction, composite and wooden decking are the best choices. They are both low maintenance and durable. You can also choose from Ipe, cedar, and other woods. 

For outside railing installation, wood, vinyl, or aluminum are most often used. Vinyl porch railing installation may not differ from wooden ones, while they do not require constant maintenance and painting. An aluminum porch railing installation is the best for long-lasting.

For the top of your deck, the material should be lightweight, waterproof, and resistant to drying out in the sun. Consider plywood, vinyl, or steel sheds for your deck roof construction. You can also use the usual roofing materials such as shingles for the porch roof construction.

You can also choose to add a deck extension to your swimming pool. Then, you can mount an umbrella to the deck area to create a safe, shaded area. Above-ground pool deck construction is most often made of wood. Thus, it turns out to be non-slippery when wet and suitable for disassembly if you need to move it.

Lastly, you can add a stairway to the upper level of your home to create a larger outdoor living space. This requires porch column installation that will strengthen the structure.

You should choose the right material for the type of house and deck. It should be strong enough to handle heavy loads from snowfalls and hurricanes. If you're unsure of what material will work best for your needs, local pergola builders can help you.

Finding deck construction contractors near me

A deck's size and structural requirements are based on the construction regulations. Therefore, the specialist who will perform deck or porch installation should have knowledge in the construction field, a proper license, and experience working on similar projects. 

You can find a contractor by using Google search for "deck installation near me" or by going to the Fee4Bee platform. On the website, you will see a variety of contractors for projects such as typical deck construction, front porch construction, or pergola installation. However, in order to choose a good master, you need to do your research:

  1. Before hiring a contractor, talk with them about your plans, is it simple outdoor deck construction or veranda deck installation. Make sure you discuss all the details of your project with them. 
  2. Ask deck construction contractors your questions, and ensure that you're comfortable with them. Keep in mind that these yard gazebo construction contractors will be spending a lot of time in your home. Therefore, you should be comfortable with them personally and they should understand your project vision.
  3. You should also check the type of materials they use. It can be wooden deck construction, vinyl, or concrete deck construction, covered or open structure. While you can choose a contractor based on the price, it's important to keep in mind that you'll also need to consider the type of materials and the time needed to complete the project.
  4. Whether a pro of deck construction is insured and licensed. This is important since we are talking about the building process, which means that the contractor must ensure maximum safety for your family.

The average cost of deck construction in Canada

A deck installation cost can be very expensive, so it's important to get the right plan first. When deck building, you should remember to consider all the costs including design, materials, and labour. If you want to avoid any surprises or extra expenses, it's best to invite a deck construction cost estimator first. 

Usually, the cost for deck construction is charged per square meter. An easy-to-build deck installation will cost you CAD $280 per square meter. This includes the price of porch foundation construction, which usually consists of footing racks or concrete plots. As for railings and roofs, you can choose their availability and materials based on your budget. Vinyl porch railing installation will cost additionally CAD $120 per meter. A deck roof construction cost may vary from CAD $220 to $500 per meter depending on what covering materials you choose.

There are also deck builders that charge hourly rates. Their prices usually start at CAD $50 per hour. Thus, if you are planning a medium-sized structure, 30 square meters, you will pay for the project:


Open deck construction cost 

CAD $1,500

Front porch construction cost

CAD $1,860

Back yard pergola construction cost

CAD $2,600

Pool deck construction cost 

CAD $3,200

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