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How to hang pictures on the wall properly?

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in the process. All you need is a picture frame holder, which you attach with nails for hanging pictures. And hooks for hanging pictures that cling to the frame easily.

But the truth is that it is not always as easy as it seems. For certain types of walls, you will need special equipment. For hanging paintings without nails, you need special knowledge. You have to place the painting correctly and choose the proper height to hang a picture.

There are many different types of pictures for walls and available ways to hang pictures. The best choice will be determined by your personal taste and space constraints. Here is a look at the pros and cons of hanging paintings in your home.

Where to hang pictures?

It is important that the picture on the wall goes well with your interior. To do this, you need to choose the right image itself, the color scheme, and the style that will be combined with the design of the room. To make it easier for you to answer the question of how to hang a picture on a wall, look at a few picture hanging tips:

  1. Hang wall picture in an area where it will be seen every day. It is important that you enjoy looking at it.
  2. If hanging pictures over the sofa in a living room, choose those that look great with all items. 
  3. Choose wall hanging pictures that you think will capture the essence of your home. It is important that the pictures you choose match your style and colors of your furnishings, furniture, and accessories. 
  4. Hang pictures away from sunlight. Even if the picture frame on the wall protects it, the colors can change in direct sunlight. You don't want to damage your painting eventually. You also don't want the sun shining directly on the picture because it will affect its color and clarity.
  5. The question of how to hang a canvas also requires thought. Most likely you will hang expensive art and don't want it to be damaged by a heater, humidifier, or fireplace.
  6. Hanging wall art should not be done in an area that will be viewed when no one is at home.

How high to hang a picture?

Think about how high should pictures be hung? It not just improves the aesthetics of a room but ensures a more comfortable viewing experience, too. Sometimes, homeowners prefer arranging photos on wall higher up so that people are forced to raise heads to view it. But it is better to keep it within eye level for most people. 

Hang pictures on walls that are out of the way. Hanging art on walls where people constantly pass will create discomfort in the house. If the picture wall keeps stopping you from walking by, then someday you will definitely touch it, and possibly break the frame.

If you are planning hanging groups of pictures, then it is important not to put many holes in the wrong places. You can start by sketching the wall picture frames to see which combination will look best on the wall.

There are special picture frame hangers that allow you to adjust the height of the picture. The device consists of a rail to which paintings are attached with the wire. Hanging pictures with wire allows you to choose the height that is comfortable for you. Hanging pictures from a picture rail also answers the question of how to hang multiple pictures.

Different ways to hang pictures

There are various picture hanging hardware that allows picture mounting to different surfaces and in different ways. The choice of hardware depends on your preferences, the size of the paintings, and the condition of the wall for arranging pictures.

  • The most popular is the hidden painting hooks. These are tools for hanging pictures that help you find a solution on how to hang a gallery wall without a lot of visible picture hanging nails. 
  • Hanging pictures without nails can be attached with adhesive strips for hanging pictures. Here is also the answer to how to hang a picture with wire - you pull the cord to the desired height and then hanging pictures with clothespins. 
  • Hanging art from the ceiling allows to hang pictures without holes in the wall. This will require attaching the rail to the ceiling.

Some of these tips for hanging pictures suggest solutions on how to hang heavy art. Others of them are designed only for small picture frames. But for any hanging art on a wall, it is important to consider the type of surface they are attached to.

Hangin pictures on different surfaces

Hanging pictures on a wall is not an activity that should be performed alone. Consider hiring professionals to do the job if you are not sure of success. It may seem coster to hire handymen to hang the pictures, but it could end up cheaper in the long run.

The most problematic are:

  • Hanging pictures on drywall, especially when it comes to hanging heavy pictures. Handymen from the Fee4bee platform know exactly how to hang pictures on drywall, so as securely fix and not to damage picture frames on the wall.
  • Hanging pictures on concrete walls requires the use of a hammer drill and dowels. Therefore, if you do not have special tools, do not count on an easy way to hang pictures.
  • Hanging pictures on plaster walls is complicated by the fragility of the surface. If you are planning on hanging a heavy picture or consider how to hang pictures in a group then wall damage can be substantial if not done correctly.

When you hang photos in your home, make sure they bring you joy and not remind you of an unpleasant experience. Take care of proper height to hang pictures then you can easily show them to your guests. If you plan to have a good quality picture, it is important that you make sure you have the appropriate hanging picture frame.

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