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For the proper ventilation system installation is necessary to take note of many points like useful positioning, height, and area of usage. The professional installation of ventilation in a house allows you to provide a comfortable indoor microclimate.

It is also important to determine the type of fan needed for the correct application or purpose.

Types of ventilation systems

There are many types of ventilation devices available nowadays. Some of them are aimed at attic ventilation fan installation, a central duct system, fans for ceiling ventilation, or floor fans, and installing the HRV ventilation system of your house.

Depending on the size of the room, the width of the air ducts, the climate, and your personal needs, different systems are offered:

  1. Exhausted ventilation;
  2. Downdraft ventilation;
  3. Conduit ventilation;
  4. Heat-recovery system.

There are special models of ventilation fans for different areas of your house like kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms such as laundry, linen closet, and so on. Each of them is designed to remove excess moisture, unpleasant odors, renew the air, and maintain the climate in the house. 

Each system requires a different approach, no matter is it a bathroom ventilator installation or you trying to find a beautiful solution of how to install ventilation outside for a kitchen. This is the first thing homeowners think about, but also the roof ventilation installation and the question of how to install ventilation in the basement should not be neglected.

How to install a whole-house ventilation system correctly?

Is there condensation, high humidity, or mould in the room? Perhaps then you need to think about the installation of conduit ventilation.

To determine the need for ventilation, ask yourself, do you feel a lack of oxygen and stuffiness of air? This will help pinpoint the problem. But only the installer will tell you if you need the ventilation ductwork installation. He will be able to calculate the best position for the vent and the power of the unit.

Attic ventilation installation is required for the thermoregulation of houses. Otherwise, the attic will accumulate cold and moisture in the winter, but in the summer, temperatures can go up to 150 Fahrenheit and heat the living space through the ceiling. But for each house, the attic ventilation system will have its own characteristics. You'll have to find out how to install attic ventilation baffles if it needs, how to install an attic ventilation fan, and where the best place for it.

If you have a laundry room or washroom, consider installing ventilation into these rooms. Also, consider the possibility of ventilation to fit through the walls and ceiling. maybe you should think about how to install basement ventilation.

Сhoosing the right place to install the ventilation 

The positioning of fans is very important for proper ventilation. Recommended to avoid the installation of these fans at angles. This would mean a reduction in airflow rate. It is always better to ensure the fans are placed in an appropriate position so that you will not have problems with this later on.

Consult a specialist to select a good position for ventilation that will not interfere with the free movement of air in the house. A good contractor can tell you how to install the ventilation duct of the correct dimension, and which type of device will be best for you. 

Vent holes should be at the right location and height of the ceiling and wall. It is best to measure the height of the ceiling to ensure the appropriate fan height is chosen. 

The location of ventilation in your home can vary from one room to the next. Let the contractor check the existing venting before choosing a fan to install. If the existing ventilation is damaged or faulty, it is best to replace it before the installation is made. 

What ventilation installation jobs can be completed by a contractor?

Let's consider the main systems that can be installed at your home:

  • The most common is the exhaust ventilation. For example, the bathroom ventilation fan installation allows you to change the pressure inside the room, which pulls in fresh air from the outside. To know how to install a new bathroom ventilation fan you need to calibrate the fan power with a specialist.
  • Another great example of an exhaust type is the kitchen ventilation installation. Working on the same principle, the kitchen ventilation hood installation focuses primarily on a specific area above the stove.
  • Through the ventilation ducts, the air is discharged to the roof, where it is extracted with the help of special fans. Roof ventilation fan installation requires special knowledge and is not recommended for DIY mounting.
  • Floor fans are very useful because they save energy by free cooling with outside air. The main difficulty is the question of how to install sub floor ventilation. It is usually a part of a balanced ventilation system installation.
  • To keep the heat of the internal air, the ventilation system can be supplemented with a heat recovery, which takes the heat of the removed air and transfers it to the supply air. HRV ventilation system installation cost is larger, but it is afforded due to low electricity bills.

Health benefits of installing a heat recovery ventilation

Heat recovery ventilator installation helps keep the room warm. In this case, fresh air preheats and enters the room. When air enters the recovery system, it does not mix, since the flows are separated by thin-plate walls that take heat from the extracted air.

Classic ventilation draws in warm air and cools the room. Whereas HRV ventilation installation in Canada can save up to 90% of the energy used to heat the cold outside air. Therefore, if you are interested in energy saving and environmental issues, you are likely to take care of the question of how to install a heat recovery ventilation system.    

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