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Virgil Lindgren
Calgary AB

Virgil Lindgren

A professional cyclist, changed more than 20 bicycles, I can advise on the choice of a bike for you and your children, I am also engaged in the repair and tuning of bicycles.

  • Bicycle repair
CAD $30/hr
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1 reviews
Toby Kiehn
Calgary AB

Toby Kiehn

  • Bicycle repair
CAD $128
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0 reviews
Horace Romaguera

Horace Romaguera

  • Bicycle repair
CAD $99/hr
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2 reviews
Clint Hoppe

Clint Hoppe

  • Bicycle repair
CAD $85/hr
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3 reviews

Find the bicycle maintenance and repair man in the shortest term

Since there are more than 7 million people in Canada that own bicycles, the need for bicycle repair continues to be higher than ever before. The possibility to get local bicycle repair shops with a quick service that doesn't take too long to complete especially attracts customers. You will feel like getting the best bicycle repair help, with all necessary bicycle repair equipment if looking for a technician at the Fee4Bee hiring platform.

A modern bicycle repair station is more than just a bike mechanic. He will also use a variety of tools and accessories, like a bicycle repair rack, air compressors, chain tensioners, chain cleaners, and sprockets. These are only a few of the tools available that can help you fix your bicycle. Another advantage that you will get by contacting a bicycle repair service is that a technician will help you choose and order the right bicycle parts and repair them. You might even get a discount at some stores.

Which repairs you can get at the bicycle repair shop?

If you have some bicycle repair questions you better go to a professional shop instead of the bicycle repairs do it yourself. Some kinds of damages such as carbon fiber bicycle frame repair can be done only by a professional. 

Most often when people search for "bicycle repair man near me" they need some of the following services:

  • Bicycle tire repair - the most common problem is puncturing that needs replacing or sealing with a bicycle tube repair glue. In many cases, with a simple bicycle wheel repair kit, you can handle the task yourself. But not always, when a bicycle flat tire repair is needed, the kit is close to your hand.
  • Bicycle shock repair. Defective shock absorbers can seriously hinder ride comfort. This is a problem that is not always obvious and the need on how to repair bicycle shock absorbers can catch you on the road.
  • Bicycle brake repair - brake is a vital part of the bike and requires regular inspection and adjustment from the owner. Usually, if problems arise, they are associated with bicycle brake cable repair or bicycle disc brake repair.
  • Bicycle chain repair usually consists of adjusting the chain tension or replacing the chain link. How to repair a bicycle chain usually depends on how often you lubricate and clean it.
  • Bicycle gear shifter repair - gear shifters are usually made of durable plastic but can break if hit hard. Then the bicycle handlebar gear shifter repair assumes replacing it. But most often, malfunctions can be corrected by simple adjusting.

But there are also more complex parts that also often need repair or replacement, such as:

  • Bicycle frame welding repair is considered a serious breakdown and requires bicycle repair certification from your technician.
  • Bicycle freewheel repair usually includes replacing the most worn-out bike sprockets.
  • Bicycle crank repair is often necessary due to the fact that this part is subject to high loads and therefore can fail. This will force you to stop riding and walk to the nearest bike shop.
  • Bicycle hub repair usually happens less often when there are wheel running problems. The process of disassembling bike hub better to entrust to an experienced technician.

Sometimes damages happen spontaneously and you have to urgently look for a “bicycle repair shop near me now”. But when it comes to bicycle repair and maintenance you should go in knowing what type of service you expect, so you can plan ahead of time. 

How to choose bicycle repair shops in my area?

The bicycle repair companies should have the right training to perform the work and the best quality bicycle repair parts and tools. Some repairs can require special equipment such as power tools for aluminium bicycle frame repair or specialized tools for bicycle paint chip repair.

It is better if repair shop employees are friendly and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Your local repair shop should be organized, and well-stocked with basic bicycle repair tools. Always make sure to choose a repair shop that offers a guarantee on the repairs. This shows you that they stand behind their products and services.

When looking for a “bicycle repair near me”, be sure to check out the experience of the person you're considering. This will give you peace of mind that the repair company has a good history and is not going to leave you with a bad bike repair job.

Find out if there are any recommendations for the technician on the Fee4Bee. If the budget bicycle repair shop is very popular and people are leaving positive reviews, then you may want to consider them.

Cost of bicycle repair jobs

Don't be afraid to ask questions about the bicycle repair price list. Be careful to avoid any hidden charges. Many owners are not fully aware of the bicycle repair prices that will be charged for quality bicycle repairs so the final cost may come as a surprise. 

Below are the average costs for the most frequent breakdowns, which also require to turn to mobile bicycle repair specialists.

bicycle flat tire repair cost

CAD $25 include a new tire, $8 for gluing your tire;

bicycle brake repair cost

CAD $25-45 depending on the type of brake system;

bicycle wheel repair cost 

CAD $60 to repair bicycle rim; $12 to a bicycle spoke repair.

When considering how to repair your bicycle be sure to inquire about the warranty. You don't want to be stuck having to purchase new and new parts to install it on the cheap bicycle repair shop without any guarantee.

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