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Mukesh Patel
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Mukesh Patel

Ask Datatech provides quality Data Entry Service, Data Management Services, Email database creating for email marketing/Lead Generation, Magento & E-commerce Product Upload Services, Data Conversion Services, CV/Resume Formatting, Data Processing, Web Scrapping , Data Capture and Data Scrapping Service. Ask Datatech is a data technology company ISO 9001:2008-registered and certified, based in Ahmedabad, the home of technology and innovations in India. Incorporated 16 years ago, Ask Datatech is a cutting-edge data services provider that has consistently delivered various products and services in data entry and solutions. We have proven our capacity in providing quality data entry service, data management services, data conversion services, offline and online data entry services, data processing, data scraping, web scrapping, SEO Service, scanning and OCR service, and other essential back-office services to our customers across the globe. Our goal is to serve our valued clients with well-tested products and solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and collaboration. We have successfully achieved this goal by delivering over 1500 projects across Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. Ask Datatech provides quality Data Entry Service, Data Management Services, Email database creating for email marketing/Lead generation, Magento & E-commerce Product Upload Services, Data Conversion Services, CV/Resume Formatting, Data Processing, Web Scrapping , Data Capture and Data Scrapping Service.

Ask Datatech Canada Inc

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Vivian Lind
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Vivian Lind

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Carroll Cassin
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Carroll Cassin

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Find legal services for any issue

The undoubted advantage in today's society is that we can defend our rights. Sometimes this can be difficult due to the complexity of the legislation and the sheer number of nuances. Now it is easier than ever before that people utilize all available lawyer legal services, including representation in litigation, real estate legal services, legal tax services, and many others for family and business. 

Many people are afraid that they can't afford the cost of an attorney, which may be the case. But there is also a number of legal lawyer services that do not cost that much and make your life much easier. These include:

  • legal document assistance
  • drafting and filing claims;
  • divorce proceedings;
  • assistance in purchasing real estate.

And that is just a small part of services that require legal assistance.

Legal services for business

Financial and legal services are a necessary consideration for most small business owners, as well as larger company management, who often encounter a variety of legal obstacles. Some small business legal assistance is more popular. It is:

  1. Drafting of agreements and contracts;
  2. Protecting the owner's financial assets from suits filed by competitors; 
  3. protecting the business from lawsuits charging discrimination, sexual harassment, termination, or workplace harassment;

Some companies even order prepaid legal services so that their employees always have the opportunity to protect their rights. Although this usually does not include protecting the rights of the employee to discuss and negotiate workplace compensation issues with management and representing a client in a legal proceeding. 

Civil legal assistance

The different types of legal services offered by law firms can be confusing. If you want to avoid this common confusion, you should know what exactly from the legal services industry do you need. There are many legal attorney services that offer help to individuals and families to manage their legal affairs. When hiring civil lawyers, people often look for: 

  • family legal services;
  • child legal services;
  • disability legal services;
  • personal injury attorneys on contingency.

This also includes legal counseling services on real estate, inheritance, copyright, and others. Usually, attorneys that providing legal services clearly explain to their clients what field they are working in. 

Finding an attorney for hire

So it is not always possible to hire the same legal services business for all the issues you have. Legislation is too complex for one firm to understand all its aspects. On the Fee4Bee you can find legal services attorney in your city and ask them your questions.

Choosing the right legal assistance services to represent your interests is crucial. Because there are so many firms offering attorney legal services, it is necessary to do some research to ensure you choose ones that meet your needs. Most law affordable legal assistance offers free initial consultations, which can help you make an informed decision.

Another way to find a law firm that offers the services you need and meets your budget is to contact an attorney or law firm in your area to obtain a referral. Your local bar association can help you locate attorneys who are experienced with your particular state's laws. An attorney will be able to provide references for other people, including former clients, to refer you to a lawyer in your area who is experienced and who can meet all of your legal needs.

Cost of legal services

The costs of lawyer fees can vary a lot. The best way to determine if your budget will allow you to retain an attorney is to determine the costs of each type of service and see what works for you.

When you hire an attorney, your financial situation should be part of the equation when making a choice. Most attorneys provide a free initial consultation, to evaluate your needs and expectations, as well as any budget constraints that may apply. These consultations will also help to identify whether or not your specific needs are covered by the firm you are considering.

Many lawyers offer their services at a fixed price, which may include the actual fees for legal services, as well as a legal support services fee. In some cases, you may be required to pay only the attorney's fees for the work that is done on your behalf. This is commonly the case when attorneys work on a retainer basis. 

Fees for legal advice services depend upon several factors. The charges will vary based on the nature of the legal advice and assistance you need and the nature of the matter. 

Usually, legal services lawyer will offer you hourly-only services. Here is a most common legal services price list:


legal services for small business

CAD $180-270 per hour;

patent attorney services

CAD $100-180 per hour;

legal assistance for divorce

CAD $ 60-210 per hour;

child services lawyer

CAD $40-120 per hour;

legal assistance for veterans

CAD $40-150 per hour;


The success of your campaign may depend on the quality of legal services provided by the selected lawyer. An accredited lawyer can be expensive in some cases, but you will end up getting a lot more than if hiring cheap legal services.

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