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Fadi Marin

Accountability & Commitment We consistently meet our obligations by delivering our projects on time and within budget. Respect for the Individual We highly respect our people and work hard towards their development and well being . Teamwork & Communication We believe our capacity to meet and defy challenges with all our excellent team of experts, technicians, engineers and other workers who are very sincere and dedicated and always striving for delivering the best result to you. ​Striving for Excellence We continue to learn and improve to excel in everything we do do get better result all the time Concern for Quality, Safety & Environment We never compromise on quality, safety and our responsibility towards the environment

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Questions to ask before hiring a landscaper

Any yard improvement starts with a plan. Hiring a landscape professional can be a good decision, especially if you have not done so before. Choosing the right residential landscape contractors for the project, however, can be difficult. In fact, it can seem a bit scary, especially when the huge number of landscaping companies in the area provide yard and landscaping services. It can sometimes make you feel like you are just going to be dealing with the first who will propose his candidacy to any landscaping jobs hiring.

So how do you go about choosing local landscaping contractors for your home? Here are some tips on how to hiring landscaping employees.

The list of Canadian landscape services

Before determining whether you need to hire backyard landscaping contractors or perform complex landscape architecture jobs stop for a moment to consider all the possible types of services:

  • Landscape and gardening services - tree care, trimming, adding special fertilizers;
  • Front yard landscaping usually means other plants than backyard landscaping;
  • Landscape design and decoration. A combination of different plants so that they do not interfere with each other;
  • Landscape edging, creating paths, enclosing flower beds;
  • Landscaping irrigation services include sprinkler system installation and maintenance;
  • Landscaping and cleaning services help to get rid of leaves and debris in the yard, pruning bushes and removing weeds;
  • Seasonal spring, summer, or fall care.

Some plants can be demanding and require special care. To make your lawn look exactly as you envision, contact a reliable contractor.

The main steps for your landscape design creation

Determine what landscape design and maintenance services are needed for your yard. Future steps will depend on this, like the experience of the contractor, for example. If you need a person to mow the lawn, then you can just browse “landscaping and lawn services near me”.

It makes no sense to look for a professional for simple tasks. Another thing, if you are interested in hiring a landscape architect who would implement your landscaping ideas.

  1. Estimate the amount of work. Calculate the area of the landscaping. This will help you determine how much does landscaping cost in your case.
  2. What landscape supply do you need? For example, for some jobs, you will need to consider concrete landscape contractors.
  3. Find a few local landscaping services to test the waters. If you google “landscaping companies near me” you will rather see the Fee4bee platform. On the site, you can find local landscape grading contractors and ask them any questions.
  4. When you have determined what types of landscaping services you need, you can start to research the proposals in depth.

Cost of landscaping services

Not all homeowners love yard work. But this is what you should do anyway. The complete landscaping service companies come to the rescue in such cases.

To figure out how much does it cost to have a landscape design, consider the size of your yard first. A large space will need more soil, fertilizers, plant. And since contractors usually charge landscaping cost per hour, the price is higher for big yards.

The nature of the flowers and shrubs you want to plant. If you want to have exotic plants in your yard, then you have to pay the professional landscaping cost. You don't want your expensive plants to die due to incorrect care.

Backyard landscape design cost will depend on the complexity of landscape design jobs. The installation of an irrigation system and its implementation into the composition requires experience and care from the performer. Consider materials here, such as concrete landscape curbing cost per foot.

The wide variety of companies and services they offer makes it difficult for you to determine the average cost of landscaping a backyard. Browse on the Internet, "landscaping hiring near me", this request will allow you to understand the entire price spectrum in your city.

Hiring a company to do your backyard landscape design is a good idea, but you must keep in mind that this is something that you will have to pay for in one way or another. Make sure that you are getting the best service and it's nothing that you will regret.

Few ideas to help decorate your yard

When zoning, try to avoid straight lines, let your paths and sidewalks be curved figuratively, so the yard will look more aesthetically pleasing.

Before planting greenery on the site, you need to lay the main entrance path and paths between the buildings.

Create a multi-stage alpine slide. You can decorate it with stones in the form of a pyramid, or make a kind of podium for garden flowers out of it.


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