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Fadi Marin
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Fadi Marin

Accountability & Commitment We consistently meet our obligations by delivering our projects on time and within budget. Respect for the Individual We highly respect our people and work hard towards their development and well being . Teamwork & Communication We believe our capacity to meet and defy challenges with all our excellent team of experts, technicians, engineers and other workers who are very sincere and dedicated and always striving for delivering the best result to you. ​Striving for Excellence We continue to learn and improve to excel in everything we do do get better result all the time Concern for Quality, Safety & Environment We never compromise on quality, safety and our responsibility towards the environment

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Alyssa Mraz
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Alyssa Mraz

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Emily Romaguera
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Emily Romaguera

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Find proved independent contractor in Canada

Hiring a contractor can be an incredibly difficult task. Every person who tried understands that if something will go wrong it will cost you a lot of time, money, and nerves if you have not a clear contractor quality control plan. Of course, you can just go to Google and type something like “home contractors near me”, but nobody can’t guarantee that the result of the work will suit you. So let’s have a look at the small and simple rules and answer the question of how to work with contractors?  

How to choose local contractors near me

There are few ways you can go when trying to find a contractor:

  • Searching for a private contractor on the internet - the simplest and unreliable way that requires an additional contractor check. You can choose one of many, but his skills and responsibility stay as a question.
  • Recommendation - you can ask your neighbors, friends, or coworkers if somebody has a deal with the residential contractor and was satisfied with the work. The disadvantage may be that this particular building contractor may not always be available, and it is not any guarantee that he will take on your project.
  • Fee4Bee website - you can use our web platform to hire the best self-employed contractor in your area. Your choice can be based on many factors, such as rating, reputation, contractor reviews, list of finished projects, home contractor prices, and location. 

What types of private contractor jobs do I need? 

Before you start choosing a contractor, you need to explore exactly the type of contractor work that is suitable for you. Local house contractors can perform various tasks, and it is important to find a specialist who is good at exactly the job that needs to be done. This will affect not only the quality of the work but also the contractor labor cost you pay.

For example, you consider construction contractors. But can you be sure what is position you’re looking for? There are a lot of types of contractors. Based on your tasks and the size of your project you might need such independent contractor jobs:

  1. General contractor - a person who manages all problems of a huge project, usually he solves such tasks as supervising and hiring the subcontractors, scheduling inspectors, and controls the availability of contractors license
  2. Specialty quick contractors - home improvement contractors who make the installation of specific products, such as cabinets or plumbing fixtures.
  3. Architects - building contractors who can make a design project for your new home, or who can also act as a home addition contractor
  4. Designer or design contractor - a person who makes sketches projects for home renovation contractors

What I must pay attention to when building contractors wanted?

First of all, you must understand that contractors for home improvement not usually equal to each other so before hiring you must get some information about the person, his portfolio, and your own needs and expectations about the project:

  • Get the contractor quotes and estimates from the competitors - seems to be easy and understandable to explore how much would a contractor cost and to know if his costs and quality are acceptable for you.
  • Ask for an interior and exterior contractor’s portfolio - a person who is familiar with similar projects has better chances to provide a nice project for you than a guy who hasn’t done such projects before.
  • General contractor license and building permission - almost all build jobs need to have permission. To be sure that the contractor safety teck and construction safety are observed ask if your contractor has all the needed documents. 
  • Subcontractors - ask if the project will be done by the contractor or he will hire subcontractors, If so, you better inquire are subcontractors covered under contractors insurance and how do general contractors pay subcontractors? You should have a quick look at subcontractors to understand if you’re satisfied with this guy/team.
  • Contractor insurance certificates - If you want to sleep well and do not think about the losses that can happen through a building process all the contractors must have insurance certificates that will cover property damage. 
  • Сontractor references - if you’re still unsure about the candidate you can ask for a few references. You can ask the contacts of the owners of the best or similar projects to yours. Then you can ask if they are satisfied with the contractor’s job, or even ask to see a result on the picture or live. 

Private contractor agreement

You can read many horror stories on the Internet such as "my contractor didn’t finish the job" or vice versa, "customer won’t pay contractor". When such situations arise, both sides suffer and often it ends badly. To avoid disputes, you should pay special attention to the independent contractor agreement, which should include:

  1. Who? - name, address, and any other personal information needed in your state of your contractor;
  2. Where? - projects address; 
  3. What? -  information about the project, how it looks like now, and how it must be when the job will be done, a list of needed works, and materials;
  4. When? - a project schedule that must contain the start and end date of the whole project and each of its stages;
  5. How much? - all costs for materials and work must be added here;
  6. What if? - unexpected costs arise in many projects. So that there are no questions about who is to blame for this and who will pay, discuss it in advance.

A well-done written contractor contract will save you from time and money losses during and even after the building process. You must make it as clear and concise as possible. All the aspects of a building process must be covered. Any contract must contain answers to all the questions.

If you correctly describe all this in your contract, then you will not have any problems either during or even after the project.

In conclusion, we must say that hiring a contractor for your business or home is a complex and responsible process. But if you approach it prepared and wisely, you will certainly achieve your goal and be proud of the result. The Fee4Bee team will be happy to help you with this.

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