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Mounting shelf to the wall. What difficulties await me?

If you have ever gone through the time-consuming process of furnishing an apartment after renovation then you surely know how complex the wall-mounted shelf installation can be. 

Shelf mounting seems fairly straightforward but gets difficult fast. If you have ever struggled with the task of balancing a few shelf mounting screws, a drill, shelf mounting brackets with only two hands, you understand how difficult this process can be. 

Wall shelf mounting hardware

There are different shelf mounting systems for mounting a shelf on drywall or mounting a shelf to a brick wall. For DIY shelf installation, you also need to know the wall features and hardware required.

For answer how to mount a shelf on drywall you should check your closet for the appearance of:

  • building level;
  • drill;
  • dowels;
  • screws;

For heavy objects will also require:

  •  anchor bolts;
  • cementing mixture.

Question how to mount a shelf on the wall of bricks also requires some specific steps for completing:

  • consider the type of brick and its strength;
  • nails use for light shelves only;
  • the hammer drill better not to use with brick walls;
  • mounting to a wall of hollow bricks is performing with dowels.

It is important that the shelf is conveniently located, but you also need to foresee the method of shelf wall mounting. There are many types of wall shelves. Each requires a different approach to shelf installation:

  1. For mounting the floating shelf you need to attach to the wall the special floating shelf mounting hardware/ Deep holes are drilled in the middle of the shelf. Then it fits over the brackets in such a way that the shelf mounting hardware stays hidden.
  2. Glass shelf wall mount installation differs in that it requires special decorative glass shelf mounting brackets since a hole cannot be drilled. 
  3. To install the wall-mounted drop-down shelf the wall must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the planned load. 
  4. The corner wall mount shelf is usually mounted on standard mounting shelf brackets, but they are located at an angle so you should carefully measure their length.
  5. Wood shelf mounting brackets are usually hinges and corners. With the external simplicity of the design, frequently the expert shelf mounting is required.

In order not to spoil the wall by punching holes and not waste a lot of time, you can hire a handyman to mount a wall shelf in your house. To find professional shelf mounting service you can search for "mounting shelf service near me". Or go directly to the Fee4bee website where you will find a list of contractors.

How to choose a professional shelf mounting tasker?

Asking questions will allow you to compare the wall mounting shelf rates of handymen and will ensure that you get the highest level of customer service possible. 

You may also want to compare the shelf mounting cost of the service providers you are considering. Take into account what can you realistically expect the entire project to cost. 

Look for the contractor who can help you to choose the best product for the shelf mounting jobs, as well as make sure that he will install the wall shelf mounting brackets correctly. 

What wall mounted shelf plans could the company recommend to you? You can ask about things like how long the shelf installation takes, what type of shelf mounting hardware uses. 

How to mount shelf brackets for wall-mount media shelf? 

The installation of a wall mount TV shelf deserves special attention. A flat-screen is expensive enough to be installed on the heavy-duty wall mount shelf brackets.

The TV wall mount shelf is not expensive by itself but requires high-quality placement and installation. You need to choose the right height for the TV shelf mounting and make sure that it is reliably fixed.

For your TV shelf wall mount to be securely installed, contact the contractor. An experienced tasker will be able to advise you also the correct placement and installation of the DVD wall mount shelf, which is mounted close to the TV screen. 

The wall shelf for the computer also requires special attention. 

Installation of a microwave mounting shelf on a kitchen tile 

The kitchen usually does not have a lot of free space, so the shelves for kitchen appliances should be practical. The microwave wall mount shelf can be positioned on the tile if the shelf is properly fixed. 

The advantage of installing a wall mount microwave shelf is an additional free surface and convenience of using the device. 


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