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Hire tile setters to prevent future problems with your tile

Laying tile is an important stage of finishing work. Any defect and installation mistakes made will be visible. It can significantly shorten the life of the tile. Therefore, it is better not to do the ceramic tile installation yourself, but entrust this operation to tiling contractors.

How to lay tile in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room is not a difficult question for a skillful tile installer. It is only important to find a good contractor. On the Fee4bee platform, you will find a list of the tiling contractors that are available in your city. On the website, you can see customer reviews and the cost of laying tiles from different performers.

There are different types of ceramic tiles and for each of them, there are its own vitrified tiles laying procedure. Usually laying of tiles is used for:

  • The tiles laying in the restroom requirements are minimal. The most difficult question is how to lay tile around a toilet. You will need specialized cutting and alignment tools for it.
  • Laying tile in the bathroom you should choose the material with the lowest porosity. To answer how to lay bathroom shower tile you should take into account the moisture resistance of the material. Here you need to apply a special coating before laying wall tiles.
  • Laying kitchen tile. Generally laying wall tiles in the kitchen is no different, but only if it is not about how to lay floor tiles in the kitchen. High resistance to abrasion is required for the tiles placed on the floor.
  • Laying tile in the basement usually requires only durable sufficient to use a washing machine or other similar appliances.
  • One more species has the process of laying ceramic floor tiles in a corridor or hall. It should retain its shine for a long time, prevent the appearance of scratches and other defects.

If you intend to achieve complex tile laying patterns, use a preliminary layout of all the pieces to define the whole picture. Dry lay floor tiles will help not only to answer how to lay mosaic tile floor but also determine the exact position of the holes for the pipes.

What do you use to lay tile down?

It is very important to have the correct tools in order to straight lay tile as well. Here are some tips to help you choose the right tools needed to lay ceramic tile:

  1. The primer will ensure a secure fixing of the tiles. Depending on what type of surface is being finished, a different type of primer is used. For example, using a primer is the best way to lay tile on concrete. And for non-absorbent surfaces, a primer is needed to increase adhesion.
  2. Tile adhesive. You need to make sure that you use an adhesive, or cement-polymer mixture that is appropriate for your particular type of tile. For laying self-adhesive tiles you need to check if ceramic tile adhesive is enough. You will want to ensure that you use an all-purpose adhesive that will not ruin the surface that you are working on. In order to be safe, you should not use anything that is not specifically designed for tiles. Laying floor tiles over old adhesive is also not recommended. 
  3. Partitions for tiles. They are used to maintain the same width of joints between tiles.
  4. To prevent laying ceramic tile on an uneven floor or wall using a laser level for laying tile. It will also help to prevent any damage to the tiles that you are placing.
  5. Laying grout on ceramic tile is what makes your tiling look great. The grout is a must-have when laying ceramic tiles. It is needed to protect tile joints from moisture and dirt, strengthen the tiling, and improve the appearance of the tile. You will be able to get your tiles looking brand new for a very long time if you are using the right kind of grout. Some types, such as epoxy grout, are difficult to wash off, so it should be applied with great care to minimize tile and grout cleaning.

What surfaces wall and floor tile installation can be done?

Once you are ready to begin, you will want to ensure that you are placing your tile in an area that is suitable. There are many surfaces on which to lay tiles:

  • Tiles can only be laid on drywall if it is moisture resistant.
  • It is better to remove the paint before laying the tiles, but if the paint is strong and durable enough, then you can glue the tiles directly onto it. 
  • Tiles can only be glued to old plaster if it is firmly attached to the wall. 
  • The brick surface must be pre-plastered. 
  • To answer how to lay tile on a cement board just check that it doesn't crumble. 
  • Laying a tile on a concrete floor will be quite reliable after the surface has settled for a couple of months. 
  • Many people are interested, "can I lay tile over tile?" This option is possible if the old tile is firmly on the wall. In this case, the surface should be washed with soapy water and dried. But you should keep in mind that one more layer of glue, mortar, and tiles hides a lot of space. If it is possible to dismantle the old tile, then it would be better to do it.

The complexity of laying tiles is not only about how laying floor tiles vertical or horizontal. Laying out a beautiful pattern, choosing the right grout color also requires skills and abilities. The same as working with non-standard sizes. So you don't have to search for how to lay octagon tile, contact an experienced contractor.

When you are finished with your tiling job, it will look great and you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.


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