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How to make the best soundproofing insulation for your house?

The sound-deadening insulation can become the guarantee of comfort in the house. How to soundproof a room is not an inexpensive task, but it is not so difficult to install. A homeowner with an average budget can accomplish soundproofing their homes in different ways. 

Types of acoustic insulation

There are two types of home soundproofing, the framed and frameless. For framed - fastening provided by a metal frame with a soft filler and sound-reflecting sheathing.

Frameless sound insulation is mounted directly on the surface using dowels and screws and consists of soundproof panels. Attaching frameless soundproof wall panels is more time-consuming. To get a flat surface, you will need to carefully level the walls. Otherwise, the panels will lie uneven, and the gaps between them will allow vibrations to pass through.

The difference between the two types is in the thickness of the insulating layer. If the issue of saving space is especially acute, you will have to find a compromise. With a lot of options nowadays, it is not difficult to choose the best soundproofing material that is better suited for a soundproof condo or house.

Below are the most popular options for choosing sound deadening material:

  • The soundproof foam panels help to soundproof drywall room partitions.
  • Acoustic sheets soundproofing can become the best way to soundproof a shared wall. They work due to the high density and many layers of material. Double sheetrock for soundproofing works better as the thicker the panels, the better the insulation. 
  • Soundproof ceiling tiles provide a barrier from upstairs neighbors. In addition,  you can hide surface flaws and various communications under soundproof tiles.
  • Soundproof underlay usually is the thin layer of vinyl placed under the flooring cover. Vinyl flooring soundproof underlay allows you to dampen the sound of footsteps, operating appliances, such as a washing machine, and other sounds.
  • The sound deadening foam helps when you need to soundproof bedroom door and window frames. 
  • Soundproof paint works as an additional means. The effect is noticeable if the paint is applied in several layers due to its high density.

As fillers usually used:

  • soundproofing spray foam; 
  • mineral wool for soundproofing;
  • fiberglass insulation for soundproofing.

The high cost of the project is mainly based on the prices of the materials. The labor costs will occur if there is a professional soundproofing company involved in the entire process.

What residential soundproofing contractors can improve in your home?

Depending on your needs, residential soundproofing contractors can provide complete soundproofing of the house, to make soundproof of the room, soundproofing of the noise source, such as waste pipe acoustic insulation

The most popular areas for insulation soundproof are:

  1. Soundproofing walls help to level the surface but at the same time reduce the area of the room. You will be able to arrange noisy parties. But keep in mind that if you need to call for help you cannot do this. There are many options for how to soundproof a wall. Turning to wall soundproofing contractors you can find the most suitable one for your home.
  2. A soundproof ceiling helps to get rid of the noise of footsteps overhead in houses with several floors or equipped with an attic. When pondering how to soundproof a ceiling, choose framed systems or lightweight materials such as foam. It should also be considered that many of them are highly flammable.
  3. A soundproof interior door will increase your privacy inside the house. You won't be disturbed by the sound of a working TV, loud music, or conversations in the kitchen. Soundproof sliding doors have better properties due to the greater thickness.
  4. Soundproof windows help to get rid of external noise in one of the most vulnerable places in the house. There are many ways how to soundproof windows, using soundproof glass or soundproof window inserts. The frame is insulated by filling the window profile with sound-absorbing materials or making double glazed windows soundproof. The same technologies work when balcony soundproofing needed.
  5. Soundproof flooring requires choosing dense materials with a high degree of sound insulation. Deciding how to soundproof a floor get into account the materials that consist of the base. For the concrete base, the soundproof vinyl flooring will become a good solution, while wood floor insulation requires a completely different approach.
  6. A soundproof basement usually means a soundproof basement ceiling since it is the ceiling that is a shared part between the basement and the house. If you can find a solution to how to soundproof a ceiling in a basement, you can turn its space into a useful room.

How much does soundproofing cost?

The soundproofing price can vary based on what materials used for the project and on the size of the area where the sound insulation will take place. In addition, the pricing also varies with the complexity of the work being done. The average materials plus labor costs for soundproof in Canada are:

type of work:

average cost:

Soundproofing existing walls cost

CAD $370 - $720

Cost to soundproof windows

CAD $450 - $800

Cost of soundproofing ceiling

CAD $280 - $520

Soundproof flooring cost

CAD $250 - $420

Soundproofing basement ceiling cost

CAD $180 - $350

Hiring local soundproofing companies

DIY soundproofing can significantly reduce the soundproof room cost. It is even possible to make an egg carton soundproofing for a room. The effectiveness of this method of cheap soundproofing is quite low. At the same time, it allows you to explore DIY ways to soundproof a room and thus count which areas of the house most need acoustic insulation.

But if you are interested in how to make a room soundproof professionally you better turn to home soundproofing contractors. Go to the internet to find “soundproofing company near me” and you will rather see the Fee4bee website.

The Fee4bee is the online platform where you can find a list of local soundproofing installers. By ordering the cost-effective soundproofing on the platform you will learn how much does it cost to soundproof a room from different companies. You will also be able to ask any questions and to compare the rating of performers to find the best one for your project.

To answer the question of how to make your room soundproof you need to consider what type of insulation will the best suitable for your case. That could be not so obvious, so when you hire a contractor to soundproof a room he will better come to you for preliminary consults.

Contractor soundproofing cost comes second after materials. You don't want expensive mineral wool for soundproofing to be installed incorrectly and not work properly. This may be enough reason to refuse low-cost soundproofing in favor of experienced soundproofing installation companies.

When attaching sound deadening panels it is also important they do not spoil the appearance of the room. Customer reviews of different contractors for soundproofing walls will also help you evaluate this aspect.  All these factors have to weigh the odds carefully before hiring a particular contractor to soundproof the shared wall.

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