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The secrets of vacating rental property cleaning

While you are on vacation, your property can serve you for additional income. This is a very convenient solution, but not easy to implement. Vacation rentals can be a good investment, but only if you get it right. Delivery of consumables such as wipes, toilet paper, ordering laundry, cleaning services will require your attention.

As the vacation home rental business continues to grow, your rental properties must shine! A well-maintained vacation rental property is attractive to potential guests who are looking to rent the home. But you cannot shift to tenants the vacating rental cleaning, as they assume the service is included in the rental price.

Finding vacation rental cleaning services is the key to success

There are high hygiene standards that are of great importance to your guests. In order not to engage in vacation rental cleaning jobs yourself, you can use cleaning services.

Vacation rental cleaning names only become known when you are already in business. To begin with, you will need to conduct a thorough analysis of all offers on the market. The Fee4bee platform brings together local contractors who are ready to get the job done.

The performer vacation rental / Airbnb cleaning must be reliable. Frequently between guests check out you will not have the opportunity to go through the vacation rental cleaning checklist to make sure the job is done well. If the maid does her job poorly, then your tenants may be unhappy and give you bad reviews. Therefore, it is so important that you have confidence in the service that the vacation rental cleaner provides.

Determination of a vacation rental cleaning price

Cleaning service pricing depends on a number of variables, such as the size of the home, how often cleaning services are provided, the amenities in the vacation home rental, and the lease duration. 

Pricing for vacation rentals may also vary depending on the type of cleaning you require. Whether you want a quick cleanup or a vacation rental deep clean checklist will be involved?

Vacation home cleaning service pricing is based on several factors:

  • The size of your property. The number of rooms in the home, the number of bathrooms in the property, and the amount of space that has been used by the guests - this is what will affect pricing in the first place.
  • The number of guests in your vacation home. In general, prices for vacation rental cleaning services increase by the number of people you expect to stay at your property. 
  • Your preferences for specific cleaning services. You may want to hire a vacation rental deep cleaner who will be coming once a week to make sure the place is spotless and free of clutter. On the other hand, if you expect that you will be having a large family over, you may want the cleaner to come in for one to two hours a day to make sure your guests are comfortable and rooms are well kept.

It's important to carefully assess your needs before you make your final decisions regarding the prices you will be charged for the service.

Cleaning checklist for vacation rental

If you are performed on services like Airbnb, VRBO, the cleaning must be done professionally. This can provide some control over your property between bookings and save you from fines and unhappy customer reviews.

Look at a general vacation rental house cleaning checklist below to clear things up:

  1. Checking the drawers and closets for stuff left behind;
  2. Change over the linens, washing mattress pads, pillow protectors, and duvet covers;
  3. Vacuuming all the upholstered furniture;
  4. Wiping all the surfaces including the blinds;
  5. Wiping the light switches and making sure it properly work;
  6. Placing a roll of toilet paper on the holder in the bathroom and paper towels in the kitchen;
  7. Cleaning the toilet, bathtub and replacing towels;
  8. Wiping small appliances like microwave, toaster, coffee maker;
  9. Cleaning the oven, kitchen hood, and refrigerator;
  10. Garbage removal, washing trash cans thoroughly inside and out. 

Now you can see that this vacation rental cleaning checklist is different from the standard cleaning we are used to in our household needs. It contains additional points that an inexperienced cleaner may accidentally miss.

Some more vacation rental cleaning tips

How long will you need rental cleaning services? Depending on whether you provide a short-term lease or rent out your home for a long time to guests, your relationship with the cleaning company will change. In the second case, you may want a vacation rental cleaning contract with a company. Then, in addition, you can agree on a monthly “check-up” and get reports of any damage that may occur.

You may also want to consider the time of year when you are planning to rent out your home. Most vacation properties have a seasonal lease, suggesting a high demand for cleaning. It may be cheaper for you to hire someone making a job during all the season. 

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