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Do commercial packing services worth it?

If you have been planning to move your belongings in the near future, you may consider using some of the packing services company to help you out. You can take the time to pack your stuff by yourself, but then be prepared to spend at least a whole weekend doing this exhausting process. Without appropriate experience, you may miss some details that will subsequently create difficulties when unpacking.

Hiring professional packing and moving services instead may be useful and convenient during the move. But how can you know if the advantages of hiring these services are really worth the price?

How to choose professional packing services?

Packing companies should be reliable. You better choose carefully the contractors who will touch your belongings. If you are looking for a contractor, use an internet search and type something like "home packing services near me" or "packing and moving services near me". In the results, you will see the Fee4Bee hiring platform among other websites. Here you can read real customer reviews of each of the contractors and companies available in your area. Check their reputation by exploring the complaints page on Better Business Bureau. This will allow you to assess how reliable packing house services providers are.

While there are several factors that you need to consider when choosing household packing services. Here are some tips to select a good company to handle your packing:

  • Prices. After you have found the home packing services provider, ask about his rates, and compare him to the rates of other companies offering similar services. Make sure you know exactly how much the price includes, and you should be able to see if you can afford it. You should also inquire about any hidden fees, such as packing supplies or disassembling furniture.
  • Packing supplies. Do not forget to ask about the company’s rates on packaging supplies, especially the full packing service cost. Check if you are required to pay for packaging materials additionally or these included in the total price. Also make sure that the company has all the necessary packaging materials that will be needed for your belongings, for example, boxes of non-standard sizes.
  • Additional services. Sometimes it may be cheaper to go to packing only services or partial packing services. But if you are limited in time, then you can ask if the contractor provides additional services, such as moving, packing, and unpacking services.

It would be advisable to ask the contractor if he can provide same-day delivery if you contact the one who provides moving service that packs for you. And inquire what guarantees he will provide in case of breakdowns or loss of things.

Packages should be packed properly so that they do not become torn and some of the small things will not be lost. Look for a house packing services company that will provide packing slipcovers and padding to reduce the risk of harm and scratch your belongings. 

Home packing services cost

First, determine your budget limits, and consider which type of services you looking for. If you are on a budget, you can search for "packing only services near me". Ask contractors about their rates, and find out if they can handle the packing job you want. Try to describe in detail the scope of work, this will help the contractor to more accurately estimate how much is packing service for moving costs you.

Packers can offer more than just packing your stuff. They can provide packing supplies such as boxes, slipcovers, crates, pallets, and so on. They can also provide you with a guarantee that your items will not be scratched, for example, if furniture packing services are needed.

Сontractors often have other services, which is why it's important to research thoroughly before choosing one. Often companies provide a number of additional services, such as:

  1. Packing and unpacking services when you arrive at a new location;
  2. Packing and loading services since boxes can be quite heavy;
  3. Packing and moving services are convenient because you do not have to hire several companies;
  4. Packing and removal services useful if you have a lot of old and unnecessary things;
  5. Cleaning and packing services sometimes required if after moving there is a lot of dust and dirt;
  6. Packing and organizing services help you with the placement of objects in your new home.

Full-service packing and moving companies have different rates, depending on the weight of things and the size of their vehicle. Make sure to include your packing requirements and other relevant information in your research, so that you can come up with the best deal possible.

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