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Frederick Walter

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What to do with an assembly-required couch?

The interior of any home assumes the presence of upholstered couches and sofas furniture. Today there are many different types of sofas that need to be assembled and can be placed in any room in your home. Modern assemblable couches can be easily integrated into the interior and take up a minimum of useful space.

Types of couches that need to be assembled

It is very important to think about what kind of frame, filler, and upholstery it has when you buying an assembling couch. The complexity of the couch delivery and assembly will depend on this as well as a place where it can be placed. 

Most often, difficulties arise in the following cases:

  1. Sectional couch assembly implies a rigid connection of ready-made modules that you choose in the store. Assemble of the sectional couch has a transforming system where the number of sections is not limited, and you can expand its structure at any time. Depending on the number of modules, it can be easy to assemble a sectional sofa or requires professional installation.
  2. Assemble corner couch piece difficulty concludes in large elements that you often have to join already in place. Corner sofa assembly can be right-sided and left-sided. You should take into account space so that the sofa can be expanded properly.
  3. Assemble a couch with a chaise lounge requires careful study of the instructions, as it can be equipped with various retractable mechanisms. When choosing a chaise lounge assemblable couch, pay attention to which side the extended part is located, as not all models let move it to another side.
  4. The automatic couch recliner assembly is complicated by the mechanisms that recline the back and raise the footrest. They will work wrong if they were not assembled properly. For an answer to how to assemble a recliner sofa, it is better not to risk it and hire a sofa assembler.

Is it difficult to assemble at home a couch?

Some people do not want to pay for the assembly required sofa because they think that they will do this properly on their own. However, the task can de more difficult than you think when it comes to home assembly sofa beds. If you get stuck in the process turn to the sofa assembling company. A good quality product can usually be put together by a skillful couch assembler. 

If you've decided to DIY assemble your own sofa, you will first need to check for the necessary tools. You will need screwdrivers, drill and drill bits, hexes. While working, you need to constantly check the sofa assembly instructions

You will need to properly attach the sliding mechanisms to the frame so that they work easily and silently. And then you will need to attach all the details to the frame starting with the largest: 

  • back;
  • chaise longue;
  • armrests;
  • pouf;
  • linen storage drawers;
  • corner and end elements;
  • modules with built-in pedestals, table, and shelves;
  • decorative components.

When considering how to assemble a sectional couch, you will need to find out how many pieces it should have. This will be important if you need to make changes to the couch in the future. 

Hire a contractor for sofa assembly

How to assemble a couch is not always obvious, even if you get it with the detailed couch assembly instructions. That is the reason why many homeowners prefer to book a couch assembly service.

To find assembling a couch contractor you can turn to the Fee4Bee hiring platform. Choose the category and place your ad. You will be able to see a list of performers, which have their own ratings and customer reviews. The platform interface lets you ask any question to taskers you are considering. Ask them how to assemble sofa legs for the folding sofa. This will help you to choose the contractor that suits your needs.

Even when you book the services to assemble and disassemble couches you also need to know how long to assemble a couch and how the assembling should proceed. This information is important so that you can have confidence in the company you hire and find out how will the payment take place.

Sofa assembly cost

Lastly, you need to find out how much money you ready to spend to make your sofa fully assembled. The price to assemble disassemble couch depends on how expensive and large your purchase will be. This is due to the fact that an expensive couch that can be assembled requires a large guarantee. Also, the mechanisms can be more complicated. However, you need to decide if you need the couch to last you a very long time.

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