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Rodent pet sitting and boarding when you are out of home

Domestic rodents are often kept as pets because they are small and funny. Many parents prefer hamsters or guinea pigs for their children as they are active, easy to care for, and don't live long. However, the rodents you can have as pets will require daily care, even when you are away or on vacation.

Types of rodents for pets

There are a lot of different pet rodent types. When you consider the best rodent pet for your home pay attention to how large your house space is, how much time you are ready to spend on your pet, and how many small mammals you want. Most often people get:

  • Hamsters. they are the most common and unassuming rodent pets. The advantage of animals like hamsters may be that they can be kept alone without getting bored.
  • A guinea pig considers a large rodent pet. It has a quite long pet rodent lifespan.
  • Pet gerbils at home have a calm disposition and are well suited for families with children. They are very social and they definitely need company.
  • The rat is the smartest rodent pet that is interesting to watch. In nature, they live in large flocks, so you need to get at least two rats.
  • Chinchilla pet has beautiful fur. It does not tolerate drafts and direct sunlight. Chinchillas will also need a container of sand, which they like to splash.

What are the benefits of rodents as pets?

Taking into account that small animals do not require much care, many people want to have a rodent kept as a pet. It's actually easier than having a large dog. The undoubted advantages of your pet rodent will be:

  1. Limited space. Hamsters, rats, and other small rodents' pets do not require much space. A medium-sized cage fits well for a hamster or chinchilla as they usually live alone. Rats or guinea pigs families require a bit more space.
  2. Such small rodents as gerbils are quite sociable pets and like to spend time with people.
  3. Do not require complex pet care hamsters. They eat mostly fruits and greens. Rodents are inexpensive to keep, despite that most do not live alone.

What can you need to care for a rodent?

Before getting a pet, think about whether you can provide it with proper rodent pet care, feeding, and cleaning.

To live a healthy and fulfilling, rodents need space to be active and exercise. If you are not planning to release your pet from its enclosure, then consider buying a large cage. It is also important to keep in mind the size of the group. 2 rats can live in a relatively small space, but the larger the group, the more space they will need. Of course, small rodents like mice or gerbils need less space than rats or guinea pigs.

Make sure that there are enough shelters in the cage for all animals. It is also important that the cage closes securely. Rodents are smart enough to easily escape and turn into pests. You need to clean the cage and change the substrate often enough, otherwise, you will get a characteristic smell and sick pets. If you don't have enough time to clean the cage then hired a pet care professional can providing rodent cage cleaning services can help you.

Chewing. Most rodents grow their teeth throughout their lives, so they need to constantly chew on something. Provide your pet with safe, firm chewing materials.

Feeding. Fresh vegetables and cereals are what all rodents eat with pleasure. Some of them such as rats require an extended diet.

Usually, at home, rodents live from 2 to 7 years. If you decide to have a rodent, you should take into account that they live in groups and become depressed alone. A lone gerbil can even harm itself.

Rodent pet sitting and hamster boarding services

If you don't have any familiars who could watch your pets when you are out of the home you can find rodent sitting services on the Fee4Bee platform. Hamster visits may include feeding and water changing, add substrate materials, and emptying the tray. For the guinea pigs, combing is added to the usual day care for rodent pets.

If you are away for more than a couple of days, then you should consider boarding your rodent pet. You will find many licensed and insured guinea pig kennels at the Fee4Bee. Check if a small pet hotel is specialized for pocket pets and does not contain predators such as cats, dogs, or reptiles. The odor of the predators can be very stressful to pet rodents, even if they are not in danger.

Make sure the kennel facility is safe and equipped for a small rodent pet. There should be no cracks and windows through which the animal can escape, nothing can fall and harm it

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