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Errand and concierge services

Running errands services is a rapidly developing area that helps you focus on important things, and delegate all small tasks, whether it is picking up from dry cleaning or registry you for the conference.

You will be very surprised if calculate how much time per day you spend on small tasks that anyone can handle. More and more people are choosing not to waste precious time on little things and entrust them to the errand runners.

Business errands

Running an errand for your business, whether it is home-based or at the office can greatly speed up important processes that employees perform. The point is not only that the time spent on them is freed up, but also the mind resource since with the urgent errand helper you do not need to keep everything in memory all the time.

There are always certain things that need to be taken care of in order for everything to go well. And with the help of a professional errand runner, the chance that you will miss out on some little thing that can let you down in the future is reduced. 

Typical tasks for jobs running errands performing include:

  • Car washing;
  • Dry Cleaning;
  • Urgent documents picking up;
  • Ordering snacks;
  • Restaurant or conference hall reservation.

Household errands

Workflows are not the only ones that need optimization and assistance. Finding family errands concierge or senior errand services is also not that hard today. 

What typical household chores personal errand runner can perform for you:

  • Grocery shopping;
  • Pet care;
  • Booking a hairdresser;
  • Screwing in a light bulb or replacing batteries.

The next thing that you need to consider is where you want your running errand courier to go. You should plan out all the house errands ahead of time. If you want him to find a place with good service and good products you have to describe in detail what you want to get as a result. This is often the key to success. 

A good plan for your personal errand services is also important because you want to make sure that you are getting the best for your money. This way you will be able to focus more on other things that need to be done when someone performing your small tasks.

How to choose a company that runs errands for you?

Free yourself from boring routines and spend your time with something worthwhile. This is the goal you pursue when hiring a runner errands for you. But everything can fail if you hire the wrong person. Therefore, you still have to make research so that you do not have to redo the work after your helper.

When you considering concierge errand services a lot depends on the kind of assignments you are going to delegate.

  1. If it involves picking up and driving, then of course you need to make sure that your work errands helper has a valid driving license.
  2. For grocery shopping, you may want to make sure nothing is overlooked, so check that the person is attentive before entrusting him with a run errands job.
  3. if we are talking about kind of business processes, then quickness is also needed here. Do not miss the moment and book a flight ticket, do not forget about the hotel and transfer - all this is what errand to run performer should definitely pay attention to.

Errand running service prices

Another factor that you need to think about when hiring professional errand services is their cost. Most of them charge hourly wages for their errand-running jobs. 

Tasks that require some kind of special skills, such as driving, will cost more than simple tasks such as shopping for groceries. But in general, errand services pricing does not differ much among the performers and is about CAD$ 25-40 per hour.

An exception may be errand services for seniors since it can be difficult for elderlies to estimate the time spent on different errand jobs. Therefore, experienced couriers at errand service companies may have special offers for seniors and people with disabilities that imply a fixed price. Then if you pay for each individual errand, you have to make sure that you give them all the correct information about your task.

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