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How to move heavy furniture?

If you are planning some large furniture moving you will need a heavy-duty vehicle. You will also need to disassemble your furniture if possible and pack it properly otherwise, it can turn into firewood when transported. Moving heavy furniture by yourself requires the use of special equipment, the purchase of packaging, and the acquisition of certain skills, so it will be cheaper for you to hire professionals.

Anyway, how to lift heavy furniture requires you to take certain precautions. First, it is important to prepare your house for the move: 

  • Make sure you remove any small parts like handles that can be unscrewed so that you do not have to worry about the damage being done to your walls or furniture. 
  • Clean out all the drawers to lighten the weight of the furniture. To prevent them from opening and falling out during transportation, you can pull them out and pack them separately. 
  • Сlear hallways so that large pieces of furniture, like a big couch, can be easily moved. You may need to remove the doors from their hinges to widen the doorways.

Hiring a lifting heavy furniture company

Moving heavy furniture alone can be traumatic if you are not physically fit. You can hire someone to move heavy furniture. It would not only save you from harm but also ensure that you have things in good condition after moving. 

The moving heavy furniture services would also take care of the packing and delivery of the furniture to your new home or office. You can count that the damaged items will be repaired or replaced if necessary.

Usually, moving and heavy lifting companies have all the necessary heavy furniture moving equipment to perform the job. Heavy furniture moving tools include easy lift furniture mover that has hydraulic jacks and a crane on them. This might not be suitable for your case if you do not have enough space. Then it would be more appropriate to use straps for moving heavy furniture and casters for moving heavy furniture

To make moving heavy furniture on hardwood floors safe and harmless to your property, use the search for a contractor on the Fee4Bee website. With the help of real user reviews, you can find a heavy furniture lifting performer who is reliable and responsible for the work.

What to consider when hiring:

  1. The first thing to consider when looking for the best moving heavy furniture services is the size of your furniture. Some items are small in size, which makes transporting them not a huge task and one that requires a large moving truck. So, before opting for the moving contractor, you need to ensure that you know the exact dimensions of the furniture. Make a list of furniture requiring specialized moving and write down their size. This will help you speak more substantively with the movers and get a more accurate estimate.
  2. You need to consider the condition of the furniture. This includes examining all the furniture pieces before transportation. Mark the parts that need to be packaging, the pieces that possible to screw out. In case there is any problem with the furniture pieces, you can ask to get them repaired or replace with a new set of furniture. 
  3. Decide the number of people that will be moving heavy furniture. If it is just a few pieces of the large couch then it is enough to hire one or two persons that can carry the furniture on their shoulders. If you are moving a number of heavy furniture, you need to rent trucks with good load capacity and hire a professional movers team to make it easy for you.

Now that you know the things to consider while hiring, you can find the best cost of the service.

The price of heavy furniture moving 

The next thing you need to take care of while hiring heavy furniture movers is the budget. If you are on a tight budget, you can ask for a discount. However, you should not get the temptation of a low price, since the cheapness of the service can affect its quality.

The weight of the furniture may affect the price of the service so it is important to determine it if possible.  You can do it based on the material used, so if the furniture pieces are made of oak wood, the weight will be very high. Then movers will probably need rollers for moving heavy furniture in addition to the heavy lifting belt for work.

It is a good idea to send movers pictures of your furniture pieces. This would help them to understand how heavy is the furniture and what size it has. To simplify the process you can then ask to arrange the furniture according to the marks you will make in the new place.

Moving companies usually have detailed rates for lifting and moving heavy furniture. You should carefully read it so that you would not miss anything that you were promised. It is important for you to read the fine print on the contract before you sign it. This would tell you if there are additional costs and charges that you might have to pay.

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