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Fadi Marin

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Laurie Marquardt

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Regina Johns

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Building construction process from start to finish

Construction of houses is one of the few careers in which a person needs to have a huge experience to make everything good. Steps to build a house require a wide range of knowledge of construction, architectural practice, and building as part of an overall larger sphere of professional activity. The architect should be well-known in all phases of construction, as he solves a number of crucial points. 

House construction steps in Canada

Think of providing a practical approach to the techniques and principles of the construction of a house. The stages of house construction will help you with this.

  1. House construction plan. The basic aspects of the construction process, such as planning and designing.
  2. Obtaining all municipal permits. This is a time-consuming process, so it can cost you a lot of money for equipment downtime if not done in advance.
  3. Pre-construction houses include selecting the material for the construction of houses, as well as the equipment and tools needed.
  4. House footing construction focuses on the practical aspects of the fundamental elements of building a new home, including the foundation and house framing basics.
  5. House wall construction. This stage includes the construction of walls of houses, insulation, laying roof, and floors. Contractors try to complete it as quickly as possible in order to continue working in the isolated house.
  6. Laying systems such as the electrical system, plumbing, heating, and ducting. Here should be taken into account how to make the most out of the construction home. 
  7. Dealing with the interior. This construction process of building a house contains dealing with the interior design and decorating of the house. 
  8. Maintenance is also one of the building steps. Waterproofing, ventilation of the roof and basements are often refined even after the building of a house is completed.

How to choose a contractor for building your own house?

An internet search will give you a variety of house construction plans and designs. But behind a beautiful plan should be an experienced architect who is able to select high-quality materials, assemble a professional team, and handle the construction processes. 

  1. The Fee4bee website allows you to ask some questions before hiring a contractor. This will give you an initial idea of the qualifications of the person you plan to hire for your new house construction. 
  2. Are they focused on the practical aspects of construction or more general issues and advice? Since it all starts with a plan for house construction, ask the construction contractor for some advice. They can recommend the foundations of traditional homes, as well as the modern approach of building with prefabricated parts. 
  3. Would they tell you how to save on materials without losing quality, how to use environmentally friendly materials, building materials, and energy-efficient technology? 
  4. House new construction requires assembling a professional team of builders and arranging all processes properly.

You should also count the effects of the house on the surrounding environment and the people living nearby. House construction contractors should know how to reduce noise pollution in order to minimize the effects of construction on the environment. It also covers the use of green technology and other ways of reducing the negative impact of construction on the environment, such as water conservation, soil erosion, and air pollution. 

Cost of new house construction

Most house construction in Canada is directed to withstand the harsh climate. Preparing for winter means doing all the things that help keep our homes cozy and warm. For example, most of the residential houses have timber house construction with concrete basements foundation. This is due to the low cost of house construction and further maintenance.

Nowadays there are many house construction types in Canada that determine the building house cost and further operation:

  • Сoncrete house construction. Concrete basements are usually equipped with a hot water tank and a stove that delivers heat throughout the home through an air duct system. Concrete is widely used, lasts a long time, concrete structures are built quickly, which saves on contractors' time on house construction jobs.
  • Bricks or stone house construction, fastened with mortar can be used in combination with frames for building houses. Such structures are very durable, but they are more expensive and take longer than usual to build. The stone house is well insulated and easy to heat which is most likely to cut your energy bills.
  • Steel frame house construction - a modern method that is gaining popularity due to the lightness of construction. Houses of this type are built relatively quickly. Steel-framed houses look like their wooden siblings. They are roughly comparable in price and features. The steel structures are recyclable, which will definitely affect the development and cost reduction of this technology.
  • Cordwood house construction is known as a natural building method of log houses. Due to the thickness of the walls, up to 16 inches, such a house requires fewer resources for heating, which reduces the cost of maintenance.
  • Floating house construction or stilt house construction are popular in areas with a lot of water around. It requires special knowledge from the architect.

If you are involved in the house under construction you will want to finish as quickly as possible and with the best result. There are a lot of things to consider when building a house. Choose an architect carefully and you will get the result you expect.

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