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Mukesh Patel
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Mukesh Patel

Ask Datatech provides quality Data Entry Service, Data Management Services, Email database creating for email marketing/Lead Generation, Magento & E-commerce Product Upload Services, Data Conversion Services, CV/Resume Formatting, Data Processing, Web Scrapping , Data Capture and Data Scrapping Service. Ask Datatech is a data technology company ISO 9001:2008-registered and certified, based in Ahmedabad, the home of technology and innovations in India. Incorporated 16 years ago, Ask Datatech is a cutting-edge data services provider that has consistently delivered various products and services in data entry and solutions. We have proven our capacity in providing quality data entry service, data management services, data conversion services, offline and online data entry services, data processing, data scraping, web scrapping, SEO Service, scanning and OCR service, and other essential back-office services to our customers across the globe. Our goal is to serve our valued clients with well-tested products and solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and collaboration. We have successfully achieved this goal by delivering over 1500 projects across Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. Ask Datatech provides quality Data Entry Service, Data Management Services, Email database creating for email marketing/Lead generation, Magento & E-commerce Product Upload Services, Data Conversion Services, CV/Resume Formatting, Data Processing, Web Scrapping , Data Capture and Data Scrapping Service.

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Gregg Price
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Gregg Price

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Faith Mraz
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Faith Mraz

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Move hassle-free with the immigration advisor’s help

Migration is not something new, even though it has become quite a popular term. It has been around ever since man first migrated from Europe to America. There are many reasons for people to immigrate to other places. It can be due to a natural disaster, a low standard of living, high crime, or an unstable economy.

Migration can be:

  • Internal, when people move from one city to another;
  • International migration assumes arrival people from abroad; 
  • And rural-urban migration, which often involves retraining and adapting people to a new environment. That is why this type of internal migration has a special place. 

Migration services are widespread in business these days. There are a lot of benefits of hiring foreigners. However, companies cannot afford to lose a lot of work time just because they have to registry nonresidents and foreigners. 

When a company hires a Canadian immigration consultant, they get the job done in a matter of days instead of weeks and months.

How can an immigration consultant in Canada help you?

There are many advantages to using a migration service. These are just some immigration consultant duties that will help you or your employees when moving:

  • Apply for immigration programs;
  • Apply for work permits;
  • Language training and acquaintance with the local culture;
  • Help with renting a house and daily life;
  • Sign up kids for school.

The main reason why companies seek migration and refugee services is that the process of migration can be very time-consuming. It can take up to weeks or even longer than that if you hire a professional immigration consultant. 

With dealing licensed immigration consultant, you can also be sure that all the nuances have been taken into account, no documents have been lost and you will not have to pay any fine for overdue deadlines. You can just hire one person who has the required skills and knowledge to get this job done quickly. In fact, this is much easier and faster than going through the whole process by yourself.

What to pay attention to when choosing migration services?

As a legal service, immigration consulting is not so expensive. Businesses owners can save a lot of money on their budgets since they are not spending so much time and effort to registry all the documents and apply for permits. They do not even have to wait for long before they get the work done. Instead, they get calm employees with all permits that are not distracted from work by renting an apartment or placing children in school.

To find a certified Canadian immigration consultant list you can go to the Fee4Bee hiring marketplace. On the website, you will see all the migration consultants who offer their services in your city with their rates and clients’ reviews. To choose the best immigration consultant, use the following recommendations:

  1. Check the ICCRC website to ensure that your candidate has the necessary qualification to perform immigration consultant jobs in Canada. 
  2. If the company that offers migration services has been in business for a long time this means they have enough experience, to provide an immigration consultant job. This means that they know exactly what forms to fill out and what documents to submit. For instance, they might be able to offer their clients basic research on which specialty is more in demand in the region and offer refresher courses. This is because they know how to set the right expectations with their customers.
  3. If you manage to avoid fines, this also means that a registered immigration consultant can be cheaper compared to doing everything by yourself. This is because the company will have to set up the migration process themselves and waste valuable employee time on this. All in all, the migration process might run into thousands of dollars. However, a company will be able to save a lot of money by hiring a certified immigration consultant to solve their migration needs.
  4. Migration can also be used to get the staff from one city to another if your business is spread over Canada. This means that your employee can get a license to work in another state without wasting time. It also makes things easier for employees to know where they can find better work conditions. 

Migration is one of the most effective ways to improve productivity in the business. This means that if your business depends on a lot of workers you are not limited to hiring only candidates who live in your city. This greatly expands your recruitment opportunities.


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