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Bird services - take care of your bird pet properly

Many people are tempted to keep domesticated birds as pets. They are playful, outgoing, and neat beings. The main concern of bird owners is how to take care of their birds. This is especially true if it comes to indoor exotic birds since they can be vulnerable to temperature, space, food, and other factors. Keeping birds at home begins with the same basic routine for almost all kinds of birds.

  • The first thing that you should do when taking care of a bird is to provide your birds with a spacious birdcage with shelter, feeder, and toys. Usually, the feeder is placed at the bottom of the cage where the birds can access it easily. Cleaning a bird cage is an important process that needs to be done at a certain frequency.
  • Suitable food is needed for the welfare of your birds as well as keeping them healthy. Some of them like fruits, some like insects, others like seeds, and some like fresh meat. You should also provide a water-filled water dish, with constant access to it. If necessary, you should also include some bird supplements, which will help sustain the health of the birds.
  • Certain types of birds love company and find it difficult to stay alone. If your cockatoo feels good as the only pet, then love bird care requires you to create a condition for two or more parrots. But even the most self-sufficient birds will get bored if left alone for the whole day. In such cases, you can resort to bird sitting services.

How to take care of a bird?

Keeping your home pet birds in good condition is definitely your responsibility. In order for your bird to stay healthy and active, you need to care for it properly. The main care you need to provide it include:

  1. Feeding birds

Remember that the proper feeding schedule of your bird is essential for it to live a longer, healthier, and disease-free life. Feeding your pet in an aviary is a good option as birds leave a lot of debris where insects can start. The aviary allows for the proper servicing of the birds both by its owner and parrot sitter.

  1. Grooming birds

In wild birds, beaks and claws are worn away by daily activity. Pet birds usually do not have enough solid food and climbing, so they sometimes need to be groomed. As well as from the lack of flight appear the overgrown feathers. To avoid problems with bird's nails, it is necessary to regularly clip their claws. It is also advisable to trim the bird's wings in case they get too long. Especially for inexperienced owners, it is important to contact a professional groomer to get it right.

  1. Cleaning cages

Cleaning and disinfecting the aviary is important in taking care of your pet birds. Make sure that you disinfect the cage as often as possible, especially if you have had pets in the past. You should also keep your cage clean and free of bugs and dirt and debris. While there is no needs to bathe the birds, cleaning the cage once in a while is necessary to keep your bird healthy and strong.

  1. Vet visits

Sometimes, you will need to take them to the vet to ensure the proper care for your bird. Only when you have taken your pet to the vet, you can be sure that it is healthy. Often the simple stress could easily get ill, especially if you do not provide the right nutrition to it.

These are just some basic steps on bird care. There are many things to remember about bird care, but the biggest responsibility that you bear is to create a comfortable life for your bird. 

How to provide proper pet bird care

The care for the life of your bird is very important for it to thrive. An important part of it is the interaction between the birds and the owner. Most birds are very sociable, so when you are away from home you may consider hiring bird sitters.

Birds sitting visits are useful not only for the bird to play with someone in your absence, but also to maintain cleanliness. Therefore, when choosing someone for parrot sitting, pay attention to them to do proper cleaning of the aviary.

If you are leaving home for a long time, then bird day care is not something that might suit you. The bird can spend several hours a day alone, but not more. Otherwise, consider boarding a bird with someone. You can easily find the sitter you need by searching "bird boarding near me" or on the Fee4Bee website.

Other bird care tips

In addition to bird pet sitting, you will need to consider bird grooming with a good professional. The list of bird grooming services may include nail trim, wing trim, and beak trim. It is important that the groomer does not cut his wings too much, otherwise, the parrot will fall and be injured.

Many birds love to splash in water or dust. Thus, they maintain their hygiene. Pour in a small container of water to give your bird pet a splash and it will be happy. Make sure that the temperature of the aviary is always at a comfortable level.

The most important thing to do is to take good care of your bird. Just remember to provide the right food, and keep in mind that your bird's life depends on it. Give your pet all the love and attention and care that it needs.


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