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Find sensei to learn aikido martial arts techniques

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that is focused on coordination, flexibility, and controlled awareness. Like any oriental practice, such as yoga, or tai chi, aikido includes not only fighting but also meditation, breathing, aikido diet, and the philosophy of aikido.

There are several different types of aikido. There are up to 16 styles in total. This is due to the fact that the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, brought up many students and each of them created aikido schools. Here are some of the most popular aikido styles nowadays:

  • Aikikai by the name of the initial order combines aikido basic movements which is the most common one taught today. The Japanese word means "art of the body" or "art of the spirit".
  • Aikibudo is a more advanced type of aikido. It focuses on combining the strength of the body with the mind and spirit and uses various forms of aikido pressure points attack, techniques, and aikido defence.
  • Kenpo aikido teaches a combination of Aiki Budo and a number of other techniques. Kenpo aikido techniques include yoseikan aikido, Kenpo Kung Fu, and Hapkido.
  • Hapkido (meaning "way of the fist") is another form of aikido fighting, which is more similar to Jiu-Jitsu but with a much emphasis on defence.

Gear, aikido gi, and how to prepare for aikido classes

At first, aikido for beginners you can attend in usual sports uniform which should be comfortable and protective. At the same time, aikido training is designed to improve the spiritual and physical development of a person, which is reflected in the appearance of a practitioner of aikido.

Thus, aikido gi is an aikido uniform that has become very important with practitioners of basic aikido techniques. Wide-leg pants allow for sudden aikido movements and the tight iaido gi jacket protects the chest and elbows from injury.  They have become very popular with the young aikido fighters in Canada. This is because such kimono aikido is both protective and very attractive as well.

The Gi is made from tough material (usually cotton) and withstand lots of wear and tear from training aikido. It is a good idea to wear a Gi kimono when practicing aikido. This way you can make sure that your clothing doesn't get damaged during a training session and there will be less risk of getting scratched or cut. Another consideration when choosing a Gi is whether it will be used for aikido training outdoor or in an aikido studio dojo. 

Also, you will need to purchase a training bokken and aikido stick (dze pole), 180cm high for an adult and short versions for children, as well as a wooden tanto knife. It is not necessary to buy all the aikido accessories for the first lesson. You can try first, and then if you like aikido basics ask your master where to get the right aikido weapons.

Finding aikido lessons near you

If you consider hiring an aikido master you should think about how much time you can dedicate to your aikido sessions, This is not just about basic aikido moves but also, about learning philosophy. Some of aikido principles you can learn online, or aikido practice at home. Others, such as aikido sword training, are more effective to learn with a trainer.

Physical aikido exercises consist mainly of three components:

  1. Aikido stick fighting;
  2. Aikido throws;
  3. Aikido strikes.

Go online to search for “Aikido schools near me”. After a small research, you will see the Fee4Bee website that has a full list of aikido training schools in your city. You will be excited about learning new aikido wrist locks or another new aikido technique. 

On the Fee4Bee you will be able to find aikido lessons including aikido for women and kids aikido. The benefit of this is that it allows a person to go to a school or do training without having to travel a long distance. It also gives you the possibility to find aikido training online. Choose the ones that offer aikido techniques for beginners to have a great training aikido self-defence.

One of the best parts of aikido is the fact that aikido classes are usually held in a relaxed atmosphere. Aikido helps you find your inner balance, despite the fact that it is related to martial arts.

Where to practice aikido near me?

A lot of classes are held in the dojo's that are smaller in size than gyms and have a more personal touch with the aikido martial arts. When you find a good trainer, you can practice not only indoors or online, but also outdoors. It is a great thing for aikido training as you breathe fresh air and get healthier. 

A few other tips on finding aikido training near you include looking into aikido classes through your local martial arts school. The benefit of a local aikido school is that you can meet aikido sparring partners that may be at a different skill level and strive for them. 

It should be relatively easy to find a decent traditional aikido class in your area if you use the Internet. There are a lot of coaches that offer different techniques, including online aikido training. 


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