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Corey Williams
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Corey Williams

I am able to help with mounting TVs, hanging pictures, replacing light fictures and celling fans. I have all the tools nessesary, 10 years experience.

Williams LTD

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  • TV Mounting
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  • Light Installation
  • Mounting
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Guy Nicolas
Map IcoCalgary AB

Guy Nicolas

  • Light Installation
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Marcos Hickle
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Marcos Hickle

  • Light Installation
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Choosing from lighting companies in Canada

Lighting installation is a large and complex task that requires a professional approach. Self-installation and repair of lighting is often prohibited in many cities in Canada.

The point is not only to choose an economical type of lighting fixture, but also to install them in the right place and make them safe to use.

The contractor should be able to show you the license he has. Ask which equipment he going to use for the light installation jobs. It may be worth it to ask for samples of work before he offers to do light installation services for your home.

The Fee4bee platform lets you choose from a wide list of local taskers and Canadian lighting companies which one you ready to entrust the installation ceiling light. On this website, you can always check with past clients on how the company's work went over the years.

It is important to note that there is no single cost for this service, it can vary on the complicated of recessed ceiling light fixtures installation. The best lighting home companies will have multiple quotes and should offer you a guarantee for a minimum of one year or more. 

Light installation cost

When it comes to choosing a reliable contractor to install your home lighting, one of the first things you must do is find out the recessed light installation cost

The rates depend on what is the reputation of the Canadian lighting company, which license do they acquired, and how many experiences do they have.

A good tasker will offer you a competitive quote based on several factors that include:

  • The size and type of light fixtures installation. Is there a mini pot light installation, which is quite simple, led light panel installation, or installation of led strip light;
  • What special equipment needed, as if you want light sensor installation or dimmer light switch installation;
  • And other factors such as if you need ceiling light installation wiring done as well as the other hardware. 

One of the ways to find out how much each quote will be is to ask the handyman about the cost per pot light installation, each installation of light switch price, and every meter of wiring price. Ask him directly how much the estimate would be.

The handymen generally charge hourly fees for their work. Lighting jobs differ in location and complexity. Average there are:

Recessed ceiling light fixtures installation

CAD $120-165 per hour

LED light installation cost 

CAD $75-100 per hour

Light tube installation cost

CAD $50-85 per hour

LED strip light installation

CAD $40-95 per hour

Single pole light switch installation

CAD $40-60 per hour

The estimate must be ordered separately.

Types of lighting in the home

Ask to see the materials and equipment the contractor uses, as well as the quality of materials, to get a feel for the service he offers. It is not a secret that the lower the pot light installation cost the higher the electrical bills you will get. Several lighting systems are distinguished for energy savings:

  1. LED lightings are considered the most economical lighting type nowadays. However, LED light installation hardware is rather expensive.
  2. Fluorescent light installation leads you also to saving energy. It needs a special fluorescent light fixture installation.
  3. Incandescent light bulb installation is the cheapest but units considered the least efficient to use. Besides, they quickly fail.

As you become more familiar with all the options you may want to handle specific areas in your home. Pay attention to what areas you can cover:

  • General lighting for the entire room most often require recessed light fixture installation or drop ceiling pot light installation. These include the LED panel light installation and less often light tube installation. In areas where it is hot in summer, the ceiling fan light installation is popular.
  • Localized lighting is done to accentuate some spots in the room. Vanity light installation is a good example. For some specific accents track light installation or pendant light installation applied.
  • Decorative lighting has many options that can have completely different purposes. The most widespread is the LED tape light installation. The main feature is flexible LED light strip installation can be held in corners and on uneven surfaces.
  • To the exterior pot light installation, many homeowners do not pay attention. But you hardly want your backyard to remain unlit. Besides the standard outdoor pot light installation, there are systems that can give your yard unusual shapes. Frequent the string light installation applies. Spot light installation sometimes uses to decorate trees or porch.

A few additional details on home lighting in Canada

Before hiring a company for in-home lighting service, you should also ask them to explain how the installation process works and how the company will keep your home looking like new throughout the project. 

Please note that wires electrical intervention requires, even if you order wireless light switch installation. Of course, the handyman will start to light electrical box installation, but he will also point you to the light socket installation and if required the sensor light installation. If you are the owner of a smart home system, the smart wall light switch installation is usually part of it.

Processes such as light box installation are often connected with penetrating the wall, and you will have to take this into account when ordering or ask the contractor how he is going to solve this problem. More skillful tasker knows about the process such as pass and seymour light switch installation and how to keep your home looking like new after the job is done. 

There are some areas of the home that cannot be well lit without the use of special equipment. For outdoor light fixture installation, it can be under the eaves, around the home, and near a pool. If you want to make certain parts of your home more visible, ask the company if they specialize in LED pot light installation and accent outdoor light installation.

Professional contractors charge more for their services, but they will help you to cut the price of materials and further energy consumption. Light fixture installation cost usually justified by the quality and durability of the equipment.

Consider the price of each piece of equipment, the price of labor, and the experience you gain from working with a contractor before deciding to go with a cheaper option.

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