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Hair depilation - get rid of body hair

Body depilation is the intentional removal of unwanted body hair. Hair is usually distributed over the whole body but some areas tend to be heavier with hair. Nowadays, various depilation methods are used not only by women but also hair removal for men.

In some cases, it may not be possible to completely remove the hair from a specific area. Even though there is so-called permanent depilation done with electrolysis hair removal or laser hair removal, it usually does not get rid of your hair permanently. The procedure can be expensive and painful, but after a while, the hair still grows back.

Many times, people have to get rid of hair that is growing too fast. If you are looking for depilation hair removal, you will find a number of options available to you. Let’s consider what is depilation and how to choose the right hair removal products for you.

Types of depilation 

Depilation is a mechanical or chemical method for removing unwanted hair. There are many different techniques to remove hair but some may work better for particular areas than others.

  • Shaving - the fastest and most widely used method. After depilation shaving, the hair grows back rather quickly, usually within a few days.
  • Waxing - means hair removal with wax for depilation. For some people, wax hair removal causes skin irritation and severe pain. The advantage that the torn hairs grow back only after 3-4 weeks.
  • Sugar depilation - in its effect, sugaring hair removal is similar to the previous one, but it has a more gentle impact on the skin due to its softening and nourishing properties.
  • Chemical depilation - involves the application of a depilation cream that loosens the hair structure to such an extent that it can be scrubbed with the spatula.
  • Thread depilation or threading hair removal is a gentle hair pulling technique that works well for small areas of the skin and is good for the eyebrows care or upper lip.

Men usually have thicker and darker hair than women, and body hairs tend to be more noticeable after and during puberty. Therefore, more effective methods are often used for men's hair removal.

Where to find a local hair removal?

Depilation's services usually available at your local spa or parlors but sometimes, this is just not enough. Some customers want at-home hair removal and they want to see results quickly and easily. Home hair removal has become very popular last time. This trend has led to many specialists offering hair removal services in any way convenient for you. All you have to do is googling “threading hair removal near me” or “sugaring hair removal near me” and you will find a lot of local experts.

But how do you determine the best hair removal for your needs? Depilations should be performed by a qualified professional or a person who has experience removing unwanted hair. For example, women facial hair removal is quite a delicate procedure and you don't want anything to go wrong.

In order not to be mistaken in choosing a specialist, go to the Fee4Bee platform and browse the list of local depilation experts. You will immediately see their pricing and fair reviews from previous customers. This will help you choose the best facial hair removal.

You can start by asking them some questions about depilations:

  1. Find out about their experience, whether they use professional remedies or what methods will they recommend, for instance, for bikini depilation.
  2. When choosing the right waxing hair removal service, you should also ask if they offer any type of care creams to use after the procedure. These products may or may not be included in the total cost.
  3. Finally, asking for a detailed hair removal price list lets you avoid having to spend too much on depilations.

How much does it cost for hair removal?

If you are looking for a way to stay beautiful, you may want to consider hiring a depilations professional. However, the price of hair removal will directly depend not only on the chosen method of depilation but also on the body area.

Canada average face hair removal rates:




Eyebrows depilation:

CAD $30

CAD $22

Upper lip hair removal:

CAD $28

CAD $20

As for ear hair removal and nose hair removal then it should be done very carefully if absolutely necessary. In this case, it is better to use tweezers for separated hairs. At the same time, chin hair removal for men better to do with the help of laser hair removal due to the large number of hairs.

Depilation of intimate areas average prices:




Pubic hair removal:

CAD $65

CAD $50

Bikini hair removal:

CAD $58

CAD $50

Underarm hair removal:

CAD $60

CAD $35

Sugaring is best used in intimate areas than waxing, as it is less painful for delicate skin. It should also be borne in mind that any type of depilation of the intimate area can cause irritation and infection, so you need to choose the specialist responsibly.

Removing hair from large areas of the skin:




Back hair removal: 

CAD $60

CAD $68

Legs hair removal: 

CAD $37

CAD $42

Depilation's services can be very expensive depending on the amount of hair you want to be removed. You can make the total costs compared if you use some of the same methods of hair removal.


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