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There are many ways to make your home stand out from others. One of them is cladding. 

With the help of cladding, you can give a beautiful finished look to both the interior and the exterior of your home. You can use a lot of cladding materials in your project, from brick to stone or from wood to metal. Some materials will help to give your home the look of a modern room, while others can emphasize luxury and status. To make the right choice in materials and style, let's take a quick look at the types of exterior and interior cladding.

Exterior cladding types

 Exterior cladding types are very different. It is based on a variety of exterior cladding materials. The cost, complexity, and time needed also differ significantly.

  • Brick cladding - brick is one of the oldest and probably the most common material for exterior cladding. Brick is quite popular with designers as it comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. At the same time, it possesses fire resistance, a high coefficient of heat retention and sound insulation, and, unlike some other materials, it is absolutely non-toxic. It is also quite common to see a fake brick wall cladding. 
  • Wood cladding - despite the fact that wood may not seem like a suitable material for exterior cladding it is not true. Modern methods of wood processing have made it lightweight, durable, heat-resistant, and sufficiently refractory material, and together with its excellent appearance, it has made wood cladding house one of the most popular types.
  • Metal cladding - the main advantage of metal cladding is its low weight. Unlike many other facing materials - metal has almost absolute resistance to fire, practically does not wear out, and does not require maintenance. Also, metal cladding installation is much faster and easier than other types.
  • Aluminum cladding - cladding aluminum has the highest standard of fire resistance. At the same time, the material is really lightweight and durable. Thanks to special processing technologies, exterior aluminum metal cladding can be made to look like wood in a variety of shades. An additional advantage will be a special concealed mounting technology consisting of grooves and ridges allowing for a clean finish.
  • Stone cladding - natural stone cladding is the most expensive and difficult to install. Despite this, it remains incredibly popular to this day, as it gives the house a special elegance. Natural stone is also very durable and practically not afraid of cosmetic damage. Light tones can fade over time, therefore they need a little more care, but in general, exterior stone wall cladding is absolutely not picky and practically does not need care.
  • Vinyl cladding (siding) - the most popular material for cladding houses. Vinyl cladding cost is one of the lowest, at the same time vinyl cladding sheets are as simple as possible to install, it can withstand temperature changes without any problems and does not lose its appearance for decades. Siding has gained immense popularity due to the fact that it is sheathed with any available surface, such as brick, concrete, and even wood, if necessary. 

Interior cladding types

The types of interior cladding are very similar to exterior cladding, of course, the materials may differ, but standard metal, stone, brick, aluminum, and vinyl are present here too, so let's consider only those options that are either absent in exterior cladding, or less common.

  • Laminate cladding - most often used in rooms with high humidity, such as showers. It is a cheaper alternative to standard ceramic tiles. Its properties are also similar to it, a durable, wear-resistant material that does not lose color over time
  • 3d wall cladding - this type of cladding has absolutely no boundaries, neither in the form of the selected material nor in the timing and cost of work. Here you are limited only by your and your designer's imagination. The most unusual and bizarre shapes made of metal and stone will help your home to look really unique and attractive.

How to hire a facade installer (cladder)?

 As you understand from the variety of the cladding materials there is a lot of different cladding companies and individuals in Canada. So, before taking a try to hire a facade installer you need to select a material and find a contractor with the strongest experience in working with it. Our Fee4Bee platform will help you with this, here you will find many local cladding companies with ratings, reviews, and examples of work.

If we will talk about cladding costs, as usual, it will depend on the region or city, and also, on the chosen material, for example, vinyl wall cladding prices in Calgary will be much less then to hire a cladding contractor for metal cladding in Toronto. 

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