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Today there are so many types of fences available in the market that everyone can find whatever he looking for within his budget. How to install a horizontal fence includes various types and designs which may vary with the purpose and the place where they will be attached. 

Some people use fences to separate their garden from their neighbor's house or in order to keep their children away from certain dangerous areas. Others prefer to have fences and gates at their home entrances to ensure that only they and their families are allowed inside the premises.

There are different materials and designs of fences available these days:

  • Chain link fence installation is the most popular option for arranging a metal fence and gate around a private house. It is attractive for its low chain link fencing supply and installation costs. In most cases, chain-link fences require a fence post installation. It can be used as a temporary fence and as a permanent one. Anyway, you can not install a chain link fence without digging for fence posts. If you plan to arrange a permanent fence in your area, how to install chain link fence tension wire may also come in handy. 
  • Vinyl fence installation more often performs decorative functions. Its main advantage is its low maintenance requirement. It easy to wash with water and does not need re-painting at all. Vinyl fencing not subject to decay and damage from pests. The disadvantages include vulnerability to extreme heat and cold. The main question is how much to install vinyl fencing. It is quite expensive on its own, and also requires the careful installation of fence panels between posts. To make the finished work looks good, you need a professional vinyl fence post installation in concrete
  • Wood fence installation valued for beauty and naturalness. Modern fences and wood fence gates in Canada are durable and reliable. Wood fences have a variety of shapes and designs. The latest agents for decorative and protective wood processing make it beautiful and damage resistant. The wood fence price per foot installed consists of several components: the type of fence, the cost of wood and fence components, and the method how to install wooden fence posts on concrete.
  • Wrought iron fence installation has all the advantages of metal fences: strength, durability, and safety. At the same time, artistic forging provides you with endless possibilities in the fencing and fence gate design. At the same time, the average price of wrought iron fence installed is quite high.

You will have a wide range of options in choosing how to install a fence for your home. With so many options you will not go wrong and you will surely find the one that suits your needs and requirements best.

Fence posts installation

The stability of the fence depends on the correct installation. When installing a fence, the most important step is how to install a fence post. Before starting the work, you need to understand what height and windage will be at the fence. It will have an influence on how the fence posts will be installed.

The most common ways of installing fence posts are:

  1. Installing fence posts in clay soil requires a preliminary assessment of the soil condition. Better to do it in the springtime when the water table is at its highest. Here you cannot do without fence installation contractors, as only a professional can determine the possibility of installing fence posts without cement.
  2. Installing fence posts in the concrete slab requires a core drill to drill the holes required for the process. Then posts are placed in the holes and poured with concrete. You will need the help of masonry fence contractors if you don't have the right equipment.
  3. Installing fence posts with foam occurs due to the expansion of foam inside the drilled hole. The technology is used in cold regions where fast fence installation is difficult in a standard way. Also installing metal fence posts without concrete is applied because cement accelerates the corrosion of the metal at the base of the post.

The posts must be located at such a distance that they can withstand the weight of the fence. Remember that the higher and tighter the fence is, the stronger its support should be. In how to install fence posts in concrete, the main thing is to concrete to a depth exceeding the freezing soil level.

Building a fence gate

No fence can do without a gate. Sometimes, in addition to the main ones, a backyard fence gate is also installed. And it often happens that homeowners build a quite secure fence, but the gate remains the weak point. To avoid this, let's look at how to build a fence gate.

In order to get a quality result, you need to find fence installers, who are skillful enough to make the job done. Most likely you want the gate to match the style of the fence. The greatest demand is for:

  • Chain link fence gate; 
  • Vinyl fence gate;
  • Wood fence gate;
  • Aluminum fence gate.

A modern fence gate can also have different shapes and opening mechanisms. Based on the location, slope, and space, you can choose a sliding fence gate or double gate fence.

Depending on the style of your gate, the fence gate installation cost and time to build it will vary. This is because the different fence gate hardware will uses. You will need to think about building a fence gate frame and a fence gate door. Small details such as vinyl fence gate hinge installation and fence gate locks are also important.

Hiring fencing contractors

Do it yourself fence installation can be a long and tedious process, even for those homeowners who know how to do it. In this case, you need to have the skills of working with wood or metal and have special welding and drilling equipment in order to carry out the installation of this structure.

If you are not sure how to make an anti-climb fence installation, try to find a fencing contractor. It can be the best solution. It often happens, contacting a fence installation contractor becomes an even more economical solution than a DIY attaching fence.

Depending on your budget, fence installers will help you calculate the number of materials correctly and create a proper layout. Also, commercial fencing contractors have all the necessary tools and skills to work. 

To find experienced specialists you can by searching the internet on “fence installation near me”, or “fence contractors near me”. You will definitely see the Fee4Bee platform among the local websites. Here you can explore fence contractors’ reviews and choose the specialist that suits your needs. In the list of recommended fencing contractors, you are sure to find one that fits your budget.

Fence installation cost

The price of the fence for each site is calculated individually. Mainly it occurs from the cost of installing concrete fence posts and fence installation cost per linear foot. Also, there are few additional  factors affecting the cost of the fence: 

  1. The relief of the site. For example, the cost of installing a fence from a flat area will be cheaper than calculations of how to install a vinyl fence on a slope.
  2. The type of soil on the plot. Depending on what type of soil prevails in your area, the average cost of fence post installation will differ. 
  3. The material of which the fence is made. 

The average cost to install a vinyl fence per foot:

CAD $32;

The picket fence installation cost per foot:

CAD $20;

A price per linear foot chain link fence installed:

CAD $17.

What kind of fence to install on the site depends on what goals the owner pursues. This is hard to imagine that one fence is better or worse. For example, if you need a fence for a house where people live permanently, it will differ from deer fencing installation or a gate for a wire garden fence. You need to choose a suitable design that will last for many years.

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