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How to assemble a wardrobe with the help of a professional assembler?

There are thousands of different styles of wardrobes, so it's easy to choose one for your interior. What may actually be laborious is the wardrobe delivery and assembly. If you are considering no assembly required wardrobes, be prepared to pay more to deliver a large item. Also, that may not fit in a doorway.

Wardrobes assembled in your home give you much more opportunities. You can easily bring it into the house without scratching, you can disassemble it for moving, and some models can even be modified and expanded. But you will need to assemble all of the pieces of the wardrobe after purchase. 

There are two ways how to assemble a closet, do it yourself or contact a professional.

Self-assembly wardrobes

If you are looking to save money, you can try DIY assemble closet. While it may be fun to try to fit everything together yourself, you will find that it is much harder than it might sound. If you have purchased an easy to assemble wardrobe and ponder installing it yourself, then you will have to constantly check the wardrobe assembly instructions.

Usually, the wardrobe assembly kit contains the necessary bolts and washers, but the tools must be prepared by yourself. For assembling wardrobe closets you will need:

  • Screwdrivers;
  • Hammer;
  • Cordless drill;
  • Drill for metal;
  • Building level;
  • Pliers;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Hex wrench.

You may also need additional details on how to assemble a wooden wardrobe. For example, if the floors are uneven, the underlays must be prepared in advance. You will also need to understand assembly hardware for closet doors. Mainly it is closet metal rails assembly, stopper for sliding closet door roller assembly, and closet door slider assembly. It is important that you take your time to learn the process so that you do not end up with a mess.

What difficulties can arise when wardrobe assembling?

Assembled wardrobes are spacious and do not take up much space. All closet parts have their own functions, therefore it is important to follow the assembly sequence. Here are some features of assembling wardrobe closets that can be problematic for homeowners:

  1. How to assemble 3 door wardrobe can be complicated by a large number of details, in which it is easy to get confused and lose the sequence of moves. The most important part is the frame. If it is not assembled properly, then the whole structure will be unreliable. To do this, it is necessary to align the structure and firmly fasten the rear wall with bolts.
  2. Mirror wardrobe door roller assembly means free play of doors when everything is done. To pinpoint how to assemble a sliding door wardrobe, you need to take correct measurements to install the rails. In this case, each door must fall into its own grooves.
  3. Panoramic pattern wardrobe assembly requires the correct installation of doors on the rails. When considering how to assemble a panoramic pattern wardrobe, the sequence in which the patterned doors will be installed is important. The more complex the pattern, the more accurate the alignment and fit should be.
  4. Cloth portable wardrobe is not like wood furniture we are used to and its assembling can be confusing for an inexperienced installer. How to assemble a portable wardrobe can make life a lot easier for people who move frequently. They are lightweight and modular and can be assembled at your discretion. The construction consists of lightweight hollow tubes. In order for it to function properly, you need to understand how to assemble a cloth wardrobe. The load must be equally distributed and the supporting structures are securely fastened.
  5. How to assemble a plastic wardrobe can be tricky due to the unfamiliar material. Wooden wardrobes have become commonplace, and we all know how to use them and how to place them in the interior. But to assemble a shelf for a closet made of plastic can be confusing. Plastic has other properties such as hardness and flexibility; it reacts differently to dampness and heat.

Hiring someone to assembly wardrobe closets

The good thing about having a professional to do assembly required wardrobes is that he can help you with every step of the way. This is important if you don't want to end up with a wardrobe that looks like it was cobbled together by a five-year-old. 

On the Fee4bee website, you will find many contractors and companies that have everything you need for the process. The main thing is that they have the necessary experience in how to install wardrobe correctly. To be sure of the skills of a chosen contractor, you can speak with him before the deal and ask him any questions. 

The installation price will most likely depend on the complexity of your wardrobe. A lot of little things can play a role here - how many shelves and how many hooks your wardrobe assembly will have. Another thing to consider is the number of drawers in your wardrobe. You will also need to get door hinges for assembly required armoires or figure out how to assemble the sliding closet door. 

The final step is to seal up the wardrobe with protective spray or varnish. This will help prevent the wardrobe from fading away. The closet assembler will do all these steps professionally so that your furniture will serve you for many years.

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