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How to find a specialist for winter pool maintenance?

Winter pool maintenance means more than just fixing the ice buildup on the pool deck. It involves adding the special winter pool chemicals, inspecting the pool pumps, the heating system of your pool, checking for leaks, cracks, or any other potential problems that can lead to expensive repairs in the future. This will prevent any type of damage to your pool, which can start the pool ruining permanently.

What do I need to maintain my pool?

The winter pool care process can be difficult for the user, therefore, a lot of householders prefer it to be done by professionals. Fee4bee platform will provide you with a wide list of local contractors who will be skillful enough to carry out all the necessary pool maintenance in winter.

What starts from for swimming pool maintenance in winter?

Better to start at cleaning the pool itself. You should make sure that the pool is free of leaves, twigs, branches, and other yard debris. Remove all the kid’s toys and other pool accessories.

Then there is the hardest. It necessary to determine the condition of functional parts:

  • Clean the pump, the filter, and the heater. Ensure that no algae have built up in the pipes and filters.
  • Measure the chemically balance water. It is the key to pool water maintenance and a clean swimming pool. Better to check the chemistry of your pool every two months when it is not in use.
  • The next step in pool maintenance in the winter includes checking the waterline. Use special cleaners to remove unlive build-up and prevent waterline formation.

You may argue that asking friends “what chemicals do you put in the pool for winter” and simply washing your filters will be enough for winter pool maintenance. But besides, it’s necessary to drain the pump, filters, heaters, and chemical dispensers. And pinpoint how to lower the water level. Don’t fully drain your pool, this is a direct path to cracking of its inner cover and pipes. 

Be careful with these steps. Incorrect handling may cause damage to parts and costly repairs. If you are not sure how to make all the preparations, you can always browse “winter pool maintenance near me” and easily find local contractors on the Fee4bee site. 

Covering pool for winter

When the main preparation is done it is time to go over to the covering of the pool. If your pool has a cover for it, make sure that the cover is working properly. It will prevent any needless rain or snow from falling into the pool area which can cause problems. And can also reduce the need for replacement covers in the future. 

Above ground pool maintenance for winter is easier as there are not many internal parts. For covering your above ground pool for the winter it means inflating the air pillow, tightening the cable, or securing cover clips. 

For in-ground pool winter maintenance, you need to make sure all your safety components are in place. But for any outdoor pool winter maintenance, the pool cover should fit snugly against the pool deck. 

Few winter pool maintenance tips

There are some pool care tips. If you have followed all the steps correctly, mid-winter pool maintenance will only include:

  1. Shaking off the snow from the pool cover. Being overweight can cause damage, especially when covering an above-ground pool for winter.

If you are using the cover when you are not swimming, this is a great way to clear out any leaves and other debris. If not, you may have a skimmer in your swimming pool. That is not the net you use to fish the leaves on your own but the functional part of your pool. 

  1. Then pool maintenance during winter also includes checking the skimmer. It helps to keep your swimming pool free of any unwanted debris and needs a periodic cleaning.
  2. Finally, winter pool maintenance involves a check for any leaks, cracks, or other issues with your heater. You should also make sure that any pool heater switches or plugs are in good shape to prevent any potential issues that may arise.

If your contractor will complete all the pool maintenance jobs required that you will have a healthy swimming pool in all seasons, not just in the winter months. Remember to take care of it now to ensure that you and your family have a safe, clean, and healthy swimming pool for years to come!

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