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Local delivery service - receive and send packages from the comfort of your home

Delivery and courier services are usually a small private company that facilitates the delivery of important documents and parcels. Local package delivery companies are able to provide a fast, safe, and secure means of transporting goods. They are able to meet the needs of different customers and deliver packages at competitive prices. Courier companies can either specialize in a particular category of delivery within a few selected destinations, from courier service for same-day delivery to freight shipping

Among Сanadian delivery services, you will definitely find:

  • Door to door courier delivery services - the courier will get the parcel from your home and deliver it exactly to the specified address;
  • Express delivery services - the name says a lot. Delivery express courier services are popular with companies and offices that often have to quickly move documents within the same city;
  • Courier overnight delivery - specializes in delivering goods at a specific time. Such companies are guaranteed to deliver your package to the destination point at the specified time of the next day. 
  • Large package and furniture delivery services usually have trucks and equipment for delivering furniture and large boxes for example from a store;
  • Small delivery services - it happens that you need to take advantage of the delivery of something insignificant, but you do not want to pay dearly for it. Then you can hire a courier who provides flowers or gift delivery services.

Companies can also cover different territories depending on the types of services provided.

How to hire a courier?

There is a huge number of courier and delivery services today. And among all this variety, it can be difficult to choose one that meets your needs. In order not to get lost, go to the Fee4Bee website and you will see a list of companies that provide delivery service near you. The platform will give you the opportunity to compare the costs and conditions of different package delivery services. With a user-friendly interface, you can contact couriers who are there to answer questions about their terms and prices and to help you make decisions.

What to pay attention to when choosing a local pickup and delivery service?

  1. There are many delivery courier services available, but some have more reviews than others. Make sure that you research the courier companies that you are considering because this will help you choose the best one for your needs. 
  2. It is also wise to ask your delivery service about their guarantees. You should know what to expect from the company if there is a problem with your parcel. It may be helpful to ask them about their terms and courier delivery contracts.
  3. If you are planning to send values, asking your delivery courier company to add extra insurance to your product orders is very important. You must have a receipt if there is damage to your package. It will also allow you to track the item and get compensation if there is a problem with your goods. 
  4. It is best to know what type of response you will receive from the courier services company if the issue arises. You should know how long it takes them to respond to a problem or any emergency so you can avoid any problems that may arise with your order.
  5. Your chosen delivery service will want to do a check to verify your identity before they release your items to you. 

Many customers who are looking for couriers often choose pickup and delivery services in order to receive their packages promptly and in good condition. These customers may want to send gifts, goods, or important documents, which need to be kept secure. 

Some businesses also use same-day delivery services of food and supplies and need to know that they will arrive at their destination in time. Other parcels delivery services provide air freight services and cover a large area in this way. Whatever the reason for a door-to-door courier delivery there is a solution that will meet the needs of the customer.

Price for courier services

When it comes to courier service cost is one of the most important things to ask. Many companies have hidden charges that you will not be aware of until you enter your credit card information. Some of these charges are not so much on the pricey side, but on guarantee and insurance.

Whatever courier delivery rates include, they must be transparent and understandable for the consumer. The best way to learn of all charges and fees Is to ask courier price list. The responsible company will indicate all conditions, including the size and weight of the parcel, the urgency of delivery, and distance.

In Canada, you can get average prices for parcel delivery courier services at:

Same day courier cost:

CAD $23;

Pick up and delivery service cost:

CAD $27;

Overnight courier cost:

CAD $ 32;

Local furniture delivery service cost:

CAD $ 90.

To get the best price courier, you can use the Fee4Bee platform. In the list of local delivery services, it is convenient to make a courier price comparison. This way you can look at prices for various couriers and decide if you want to pay more or less for pickup and drop-off services.

Nowadays customers prefer that their packages will arrive quickly instead of not at all. In turn, customers should always ensure that the packages they are sending are packaged using the appropriate packing materials and should use boxes that are durable and strong, as well as being waterproof. Packages that do not use the proper packaging materials could result in damage to the package during delivery.

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