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Top things you should know about move-in cleaning services

Moving is a complex process that is often stressful. There are many things to keep in mind. Especially if you decide to change the city or district and know little about the new place. One of the processes you have to take care of is deep cleaning before moving in.

There are a lot of contractors that offer quality cleaning services for your properties that you can find at the Fee4bee platform. A professional company can perform thorough and quality move-in/move out cleaning service while a lady maid can do the same cleaning move-in jobs at affordable prices. After cleanup and sanitization, the property will look as great as brand new.

How to choose a moving-in cleaning service?

Most of all, hire a cleaner you feel comfortable with. Make sure the contractor you hire is easy to talk to. It may seem like a small detail, but trust is important between you and the person you hire. 

As for finding out professional skills, you can always ask questions to move-in house cleaning contractors on the Fee4bee:

  • Find out how long they have been in business and what their background is. What type of reputation do they have? The best way to figure out if there any unhappy customers is to check testimonials on the Fee4bee website. 
  • Look at their service options. Do they offer a full range of cleaning options, including cleaning of walls, carpets, and other areas of your home? This will help you select the tasker that best suits your needs. Empty house deep cleaning is a fairly common service, but it's better to make sure you understand each other.
  • If you are contacting a professional cleaning company then сheck the company's history with the Better Business Bureau. You want the cleaning before moving-in company with a good track record that has never had a complaint been filed against it.
  • Make sure the contractor you hire offers move-in house cleaning services that meet your needs. For this, you can ask what equipment and cleaning agents the maid uses. A good cleaner should have a range of tools available to help finish the cleaning in a timely manner.
  • It is important that the maid has her own tools. This way you do not have to go searching around for the right tools or cleaning agents in time you move. 

Some lady-cleaners are more affordable than others, while others may offer more features. But the main thing is that deep cleaning empty house jobs are done efficiently and on time.

What determines the move-in cleaning cost?

When ordering a deep cleaning empty house before moving in, be sure to ask about pricing. Find out if the contractor charges a flat rate or based on the size of your property. Find out how long the moving-in cleaning service in Canada will take. Then you can move into the prepared apartment or house for sure.

Some maids specialize in cleaning apartment before moving in. While the others focus on cleaning a new house before moving in only. Make sure to find out which types of move-in cleaning service the contractor offers. If you set a task atypical for a cleaner, this will affect the value of the deal. 

If the company you hire offers supplies, this is usually included in the price. Ask them how to make the deep clean a house when moving in more productive? For example, do they offer services such as cleaning with bleach, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, and other services? It may cost you extra money, but sometimes it is necessary.

Move in house cleaning checklist

You will definitely want to keep you enjoying the job you are ordering. If you don't move often, it can be difficult to evaluate the work done by the cleaner. To make things easier for you, check out this move-in cleaning checklist:

  1. For the kitchen, you need to check the cleanliness of walls, hoods, cabinets inside and outside, work surfaces, and kitchen appliances;
  2. For the bathroom, look at the toilet and space behind it, the bathtub, and under the tub, pipes, and faucets;
  3. Look for dust on top of cabinets, light fixtures, air vents;
  4. Check for fingerprints around light switches, on glass surfaces, and on mirrors;
  5. Find out if there is any dirt behind large furniture and on window sills;
  6. Are the counters, door handles, and switches clean enough? 
  7. Completes the check on the floor and corners of your home.
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