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Figure skating art - learn figure skating in Canada

Skating is a complex sport that requires proper knowledge and skills to perform correctly. If you are new to skating and have not been doing it before, then you may want to take some lessons from Canadian figure skating coaches to help you develop a basic level. The goal of the figure skating training program is to help you gain the skills you need to make skating more enjoyable.

When looking for figure skating lessons for beginners, it's important to understand what kind of training do you need. This is important because for different figure skating levels and ages the special figure skating training techniques will be selected. 

Conventionally there are several figure skating programs:

  • Adult figure skating classes;
  • Figure skating lessons for teens;
  • Kids figure skating schools in Canada.

How to choose a figure skating coach?

Figure skating classes have become so popular that many coaches are opening their school figures ice skating nowadays. However, to find a good coach it is not enough just to go online and look for “figure skating classes near me”. Nonetheless, you can start your research by browsing "private figure skating lessons near me". This will give you an idea of what figure skating rinks are in your area and what training for figure skating includes.

Another way to find beginner's figure skating lessons is to visit the Fee4Bee platform. Here you will see a list of trainers who lead figure skating adult classes and are ready to take you as their student. Ask them what programs they have and based on this you can find figure skating lessons for hockey players or figure skating for pairs.

While the obvious answer is "it all depends on what type of skating you plan to do," in fact the beginner must learn at least basic figure skating moves, including stopping, posture, and holding. After the basic movements, you can start learning complex elements such as figure skating jumps, figure skating spins, and figure skating spiral.

When looking for figure ice skating lessons, try to find out how good the coach is before starting the training. 

  1. For beginners in finding a coach, the main thing is his experience. If a coach is not particularly experienced, it is best to steer clear. Do not waste your money and time on a coach who just started his figure skating coach jobs. Take your time and find someone who has a lot of experience. You want your skating lessons to be joyful and not just a short session of learning a few basic moves.
  2. Skating can be very physically demanding. Figure skating is one of the most intense activities you can take part but you still need to be ready physically to rich good results. A good coach can walk you through the basics of skating and give you the confidence you need to complete your training.
  3. Figure skating training should focus on speed, strength, and endurance. You won't be able to skate as quickly as an advanced skater without strength and endurance and can expose yourself to injury. A coach should give you the tools you need to work on both skills and strength so you can feel confident before moving to a more difficult level. Look for figure skating schools in Canada that offer the right balance between speed and strength so you can continue to improve your skating skills in a proper way.
  4. It is important that you have the opportunity to choose the figure skating training hours that are convenient for you and that the skating rink is in an accessible place for you.

Hardware your need for your figure skating lessons

If you are interested in doing all the skating you can, then buying your own skates may be your only option. However, most likely your personal trainer figure skating will provide the hardware for beginners so you don't have to purchase your own skates for the first time. 

For further adult figure skating lessons, you will need to get figure skating skates with plastic blade covers. Clothes for figure skating training and choreography include thermal underwear, a long-sleeved T-shirt, a sweatshirt for the first adaptation to the cold, a warm vest, sweatpants, gloves - 2 pairs, warm socks, and a hat.

How much do figure skating lessons cost?

Figure skating training costs are not cheap. Some of the private coaches charge by the hour or by the lesson but it is worth it if you want to get great results. A good coach will charge CAD $25 to $50 per lesson. If the price also includes the lease of the rinks, then you can pay up to CAD $65.

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