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All of us had problems with shoes in life. From hill replacement to stitching or sole repairs, no matter what was your problem, 100% that you were searching “shoe repair near me”.  There are a lot of shoe repair services in Canada, but if you have a problem with your favorite pair of shoes, of course, you will search for the best shoe repair service. Our Fee4bee platform will help you to find exactly what you need. To understand more carefully what type of repair do you need and how much will it cost let’s have a quick look at all types of shoe services that are provided in Canada.

Types of shoe services

  1. Heel Tip Replacement - every lady knows that a broken heel tip is a great problem. But if you love your favorite shoes you will do your best tо save the pair. In this case heel replacement with quality materials such as plastic heel and rubber hill tips that are made to save you from slipping and avoid damage to you and your shoes. \
  2. Heel Build Up - an old heel affects not only the look of the shoe but also on the way you walk. Heel build up will restore not only the look but the shape of your shoe also. 
  3. Rubber Soles with anti-slip effect - sometimes even very expensive shoes can have slippy soles that can be risky to its owner. That’s why sometimes simple sole replacement can save your health. 
  4. Patching and Stitching - Shoes can be brought back to life from almost any state. If your sole has come off, then the master adds a piece of leather, glues it, and stitch the piece in. At the same time, patching is used to repair critically damaged shoes. 
  5. Each person has features of the structure of the feet. This makes it really difficult for many to find shoes. But shoes made of genuine leather can stretch almost 2 times, and that is what stretching is used for.
  6. Depending on the shape of the shoe or on the walking/running style, many shoes wear out the toe. You look at a pair, it looks like it doesn't look bad, but the sock is completely worn out. In this case, toe piece repair will help you to save your loved shoes.
  7. Re-colouring - over time, even the best quality shoes lose color, and with it, their appearance is also lost. If you want to give your shoes a vibrant color that will help you make them look new, then re-coloring will help you.
  8. Water and Stain Protection - footwear comes from a variety of materials, some of which, in order to avoid color loss and stains, need additional processing with special means.
  9. Zipper Repair - even the most expensive and graceful shoes are worthless if their zipper is broken. This service will help you repair your layered zipper and get your favorite shoes back to use.
  10. Buff & Polish - no one would argue that even simple but well-groomed shoes will look better than dirty and untidy but expensive ones. This service will help to return your shoes to the appearance as close as possible to the new state. Its color will become bright and saturated, and the polished surface will attract the attention of passers-by.

How to hire a shoemaker and the costs of shoe service

When you already know what kind of shoe repair jobs you need, you can look for the appropriate shoemaker. In order to hire a shoemaker, use the reviews, examples of work, and the rating on Fee4Bee. But if the quality can be determined by these parameters, then the price remains an open question. Depending on the state in Canada, the price tag for shoe repairs can vary greatly, for example, shoe repair in Calgary can cost you a little bit more than shoe repair in Edmonton. At the same time, shoe repair in Winnipeg will cost the same as shoe repair in Ottawa. So if you’re looking for a really quality shoe repair service near you - Fee4Bee online hiring service is the best helper for you.

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