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Pat Marvin

Pat Marvin

I will help you sit with your sick friend / relative. 5 years of experience as a nurse, I can provide first aid if necessary

  • Domestic services
CAD $50/hr
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1 reviews
Martha Barrows

Martha Barrows

  • Domestic services
CAD $27/hr
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6 reviews
Wilma Champlin

Wilma Champlin

  • Domestic services
CAD $29/hr
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5 reviews

How to hire private nursing care in your own home?

Assisted with nursing provides home service health care to individuals who are unable to physically serve themselves due to some medical conditions. This type of effective palliative care may be provided by a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse, or a certified nursing assistant. They understand the emotional and physical challenges that come with nursing jobs. A professional nurse can help to prevent permanent disability and hospitalization. Having a qualified nurse at home can also ensure necessary exercises and nutritional needs.

Types of nursing services in the home

Nursing services are available in every hospital across Canada and also offered by personal nurses. People who provide this type of service work are surely licensed practical and registered specialists. At the same time, nurses provide a wide range of services, which usually include:

  1. Working directly with the patient and helping them to develop a plan for their care, which includes an assessment of the patient's case. 
  2. Checking the doctor's prescription, performing constant physical exams, asking questions to determine the severity of the illness. At-home nursing services can include assistance in taking medications, as well as transporting patients.
  3. An in-home nurse’s job may include assisting with medication reminders, injections, and dressing wounds.
  4. Caregiving services can provide personal care to patients. This can include helping to bathe, feed, dress, and move the patient to prevent unnecessary stress on the individual.
  5. Companionship - patients with serious illnesses often suffer from depression based on their own helplessness, so it is very important that there are always friendly people nearby who are ready to give them a ​conversation.

How to find in-home nursing care services near me?

Most medical professionals see their jobs as providing palliative care nursing to the patients. Registered nurse services quite a popular type of help assistance. So it can be assumed that you can easily find a nurse by searching "nursing services at home near me". At the same time, you should hire someone who definitely has enough experience and is willing to be kind and attentive to a sick person.

On the Fee4bee platform, you will see an exhaustive list of home care services nursing workers, as well as you can read reviews for each specialist, and choose the one who you will definitely like.

To make sure you have chosen the right in-home nursing care services aider, you can ask the specialist several questions:

  • What specific services does the nurse provide?
  • Does the caregiver have experience working with seniors/kids?
  • What cost of nursing care in your own home the nurse charge?

This will help you to figure out how to hire a nurse for home care who will be easy and enjoyable to deal with.

In-home nursing care cost

Private home nursing services pay rates are quite expensive. You are inviting a skilled nursing services specialist who has studied a lot and is able to provide specialized assistance to people with serious diseases.

An affordable home nursing service aider will cost you on average CAD $27-75 per hour. For this price you will get home nurse care after surgery, pediatric nursing services if the help needed for a child, exercises for seniors at home, or after delivery care home nurse.

Home care nursing services are able to provide personalized assist, monitoring of progress, and can often coordinate the treatment process with other healthcare professionals. These nurse jobs require specialized training as well as working with children and individuals with disabilities.



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