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Get the best in powerlifting with a professional trainer

Powerlifting is a sport for strong people. The strength indicators have the greatest value, and all your activity in powerlifting training is aimed at increasing them. Athletes are scored based on the total weight they lift in three lifts, squat with a barbell, deadlift, and bench.

Before diving into the principles which will guide you in becoming a successful powerlifter, let's take a quick look at powerlifting standards. 

Powerlifting training routine

The technique is an important part of powerlifting in Canada. This is a sport with a high risk of injury if exercised incorrectly. If you are a beginner, you will need to work out with a trainer to learn the technique of powerlifting exercises as well as get the right powerlifting accessories and powerlifting nutrition.

Your local powerlifting training coach will introduce you to basic exercises such as:

  • powerlifting squat workout;
  • powerlifting deadlift workout;
  • powerlifting bench workout.

There are the main exercises, which are also your indicators of success. But besides them, do not forget about powerlifting chest workout or core training powerlifting.

When you start exercising, you should determine your weight class to set the right powerlifting training plan for you. The weight you lift will depend on your mass and fitness. There are eight weight classes powerlifting:

men's powerlifting (kg)

women's powerlifting (kg)

under 59

under 47













120 kg+

84 kg+

In addition to weight categories, there are also age ones. They are needed for a more correct measurement of strength during powerlifting competitions. The powerlifting classes also help to properly distribute and increase the load during strength training powerlifting. This is especially relevant for girls' powerlifters and powerlifters' junior age.

The standards of powerlifting age classes involve:

  1. sub-junior - 18 and under;
  2. junior - 19-23;
  3. open - 24-39;
  4. masters 1 - 40-49;
  5. masters 2 - 50-59;
  6. masters 3 - 60-69;
  7. masters 4 - 70+

Powerlifting equipment

Workouts are usually held in a powerlifting gym. This is not the kind of sport that you can find an online powerlifting coach to do in the comfort of your own home. The powerlifting gear is too heavy and involves throwing it to the floor, so you can break anything outside the gym. For training, you will need a powerlifting suit, which allows you to lift more weight due to compression, powerlifting shoes that prevent foot injuries and powerlifting knee wraps to strengthen the knee joint.

How to find a powerlifting trainer?

So, what exactly are the benefits of hiring a powerlifting coach near you? The following tips will hopefully give you a better understanding of how to get into powerlifting.

First, most people believe that the majority of competitive athletes train by themselves. In fact, they have powerlifting programs and usually personal coaches who are able to point out mistakes and set the power lift weights.

Getting good results takes time and effort. If you're considering powerlifting for beginners and looking to become a champion, constant full-body powerlifting workout can actually be very beneficial, as you will be able to obtain the best training and improve your fitness condition.

By having a coach to look after your different muscles, you will be able to increase your powerlifting techniques considerably. When you train alone, it's easy to get discouraged, especially if the powerlifting training program doesn't work due to a lack of knowledge regarding how each muscle should be trained. With a good coach, it will be much easier to rich powerlifting strength standards. The proper beginner powerlifting workout plan helps to ensure a solid training experience and learn how to maximize your results.

Powerlifting personal trainer will also help to keep you motivated and focus on reaching your goals. This can make the whole process much easier when you're not focusing enough on your strength training for powerlifting, and such exercises as a powerlifting core workout, arm workout, and back workout.

As you can see it is necessary to be serious about choosing a coach and powerlifting training for beginners. Read reviews for local powerlifting coaches in your city on the Fee4Bee to choose the most suitable one. 

Powerlifting coach rates in Canada

So, pricing is one of the most important aspects. It is important to decide how much you want to spend on a coach. As mentioned above, it can be very beneficial if you are a competitive athlete to have a good coach as they will be able to provide you with the powerlifting intermediate program and advice which work best for you. But an experienced coach is also important for a beginner, otherwise, you will not be able to develop good technique and achieve the desired success.

The price for powerlifting training is formed from the coach's rates plus the price for visiting the gym. Search for "powerlifting gyms near me" to find out the prices for gyms in your city. To this number, you can add an approximate price of CAD $60-80 per workout with a coach.

Finally, it's always a good idea to look for a powerlifter who is experienced in providing support to help you with your training routine. This means that the coach will be willing to set up a schedule for you to follow that gives you enough time for rest between training sessions and that they will also keep you motivated during your workouts. If you can afford it, you will be able to feel and enjoy how your strength increases every day.

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