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David S. Lim
Map IcoCalgary AB

David S. Lim


 Dave the Handyman is a certified Red Seal handyman, with expertise in TV mounting and Furniture Assembly.

Dave The Handyman

CAD $55/hr
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Corey Williams
Map IcoCalgary AB

Corey Williams

I am able to help with mounting TVs, hanging pictures, replacing light fictures and celling fans. I have all the tools nessesary, 10 years experience.

Williams LTD

CAD $28/hr
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How to install a TV mount

Questioning how to mount a flat-screen TV is not a big problem if you know what you are looking for. There are three main types of TV mounts in Canada, which also include a TV wall mount installation. Here are options on how to choose a TV wall mount:

  1. The first one is articulating wall mount. Usually, it is used for wall mount small TV screens. As a rule, it has only one attachment point. There are two possible configurations:
  1. Basic TV mounting is probably the least expensive choice. This is because it only involves mounting a TV on the wall. 
  2. Upgrade TV mounting can get you more stability and security when you are using your television. The prices for TV mount upgrades are very similar to those of basic mounts, so if you're on a budget, you will be able to upgrade without sacrificing any quality.
  1. Adjustable tv wall mount fixes to the wall at several points. The wall mount is usually the most expensive for the hanging TV options and fits for large and heavy screens. TV wall mounting requires the one-time choosing of the best placement for your device and professional wall mount TV installation. It includes a TV wall mount bracket installation. There is a lot of TV wall mounting types that should be well matched to the screen size and position in the room: 
  1. telescopic tv mount
  2. retractable tv mount
  3. full motion tv mount
  1. Ceiling TV mounting is also known as a vertical tv mount. It helps you to save space and guarantees to provide security and stability while you use your television. Additionally, you will have to think of how to mount a TV and hide wires.

If you wish to enjoy the TV at home or office, it is important to choose a reliable company to mount the TV on the wall so that your television will be provided with maximum protection and functionality. 

How to find companies mounting TV on a wall?

When you asking, which service of TV wall mount installation near me is better, you need to take the company's reputation into account. This means that you need to research the company thoroughly online to see what other customers think about it before making an order. Fee4bee platform has a convenient interface to compare all the local contractors who make the mounting TV to a wall in your city.

The best way to decide which flat-screen TV wall mount installation service you need is to ask contractors some questions. Check with the specialist if the wall will support the weight of the screen, how to mount the TV on the wall without wires showing, ask which warranty contractor has. You should also consider the TV wall mount installation cost.

Wall mount TV installation service cost

The prices for the TV wall mounts in Canada are very similar and you should not have to compromise on quality just to choose a cheaper option.

However, there are some important factors that influence the wall mounts for TV prices, including the type of material, how stable the product is, the level of protection provided, and the durability of the product.

Also, some factors will influence the TV wall mount installation service cost. There is how high the ceiling is (whether it is too low or too high), types of the walls, the installation TV wall mount ease. You should also consider other aspects such as the customer service provided, the installation of the TV wall mount process, the warranty, and the reputation of the company. 

How to hang the TV on the wall to make it convenient to watch?

For answering how to install a flat-screen TV wall mount you should choose which place will be better. Would you prefer a TV wall mount for corner installation, how to remove the TV from the wall mount if necessary? 

Select the place where you want to set the TV. Answer yourself how high to mount a TV. Check how comfortable it will be for you to watch TV from this distance and from this angle. Make sure the wires are long enough for the TV screen to function properly.

How much does the wall mount TV installation cost?
How can I find a TV wall mount service near me?
What is the best distance to the TV screen?
What is the optimum mounting height for a wall mount TV?
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